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‘People don’t recognize me because of Karan Kundra! I won ‘Bigg Boss’: Tejashwi Prakash


According to Tejashwi, Karan taught him a lot.
Said- Karan Kundra will tell when the marriage will happen.

Lovable Couple Tejasswi-Karan: If everyone’s eyes are on anyone these days in the couples of TV world, then it is Karan Kundra and Tejashwi Prakash. Their love, which started with ‘Bigg Boss’, has fully blossomed today and both are often seen together. Drowned in Karan’s love, Tejashwi says that since Karan has come into her life, she has completely changed. According to him, there has been a lot of change not only in personal life but also on the professional front because of Karan.

In a recent interview Tejashwi Prakash had said that More people like Karan than me. Many times fans come and talk to Karan and I stand there but they do not recognize me. Fans tell Karan that they used to see him in ‘Bigg Boss’, then I laugh and say that I had won ‘Bigg Boss’, don’t you recognize me? Karan never takes credit and always leads me. People want to see Karan and me together.

(Photo Credits: instagram@tejasswiprakash)

shining light As per reports, a lot has changed since Karan joined her life. He says that not only as a person but also as an artist, a lot has changed because of Karan. The way we see and understand things has changed. Karan always encourages me to try new things. He says that I am still young and I should take new challenges. This is the reason why I am being a part of new projects these days. Karan keeps teaching me something or the other.

Karan will tell about marriage
When will Tejashwi and Karan tie the knot, it is a question in everyone’s mind. On this, Tejashwi says that the way Karan handles all the other things, he will also tell about this. Both of us are currently busy with our projects. In such a situation, I cannot say anything at this time. Also, I don’t want people to see us as just a couple. We both have a different identity.

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