People were scared of ‘Gumnaam Hai Koi…’, Manoj Kumar-Nanda created history 57 years ago, the thriller film earned so many crores

Mumbai. After reading these lines ‘Gumnaam hai koi… Badnaam hai koi…’ you must have remembered a song from the olden times, which scared people a lot. Whenever this song of the film was played, a different fear used to sit in the hearts of the people. This song, which captured the hearts and minds of the audience, was from the 1954 film ‘Gumnaam’. There is a record in the name of this thriller film. Come on, let’s talk…

The beginning of the year 2023 is considered good for Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ has proved to be a hit and the film has done crores of business. In the past, it has become common for blockbuster movies to join the 100 crore or 500 crore club. But if we talk about the old times, earning crores for films was a big deal. Manoj Kumar and Nanda’s film ‘Gumnaam’ did something similar.

Manoj Kumar and Nanda’s film rocked the big screen.

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Made a collection record
The film ‘Gumnaam’ was released on 24 December 1965. It was directed by Raja Navathe. The film was partially based on the 1939 mystery novel ‘And Then There Were None’. The suspense of the film gave a new kind of story to the audience at that time and the film proved to be a hit. You will be surprised to know that during that time the film did a business of 2.6 crores. ‘Gumnaam’ became India’s 8th highest grossing movie in 1965. That is, 54 years ago there was a big bang at the box office.

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The thriller of this film created curiosity in the minds of the people. All the songs of the film were huge hits. The film’s ‘Jaan Pehchan Ho..’ and ‘Hum Kale Hain To Kya Hua..’ were also big hits. Pran, Helen, Mehmood were also in important roles in the film.

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