PICS: Begum Para was considered Bollywood’s first glamor girl, son is famous actor, had a special relationship with Dilip Kumar

New Delhi. In today’s era, it is not a big deal for Bollywood actresses to get bold photoshoots done. Not only this, in this era of social media, she also shares pictures of bold photoshoots with her social handle. So overall, it has become a very common thing, but if we go back 40-50 years from today, it used to be a big thing in those days. This was the period when it was a big thing for girls to work in films and in such a situation, the famous actress of that era ‘Begum Para’ created a ruckus by getting a bold photoshoot done.

Today’s young generation may not be familiar with the name of Begum Para, but Begum Para was a famous actress of her time. Begum Para died on this day in the year 2008, when she was 81 years old. Begum Para was born on 25 December 1926 in Jhelum, Punjab, which then comes in British India and present day Pakistan.

This is how the name of ‘Glamour Girl’ was read
Begum Para made a tremendous mark in the industry by showing her brilliant acting skills in films like ‘Sohni Mahiwal’, ‘Neel Kamal’ and ‘Laila Majnu’. According to media reports, people were so crazy about him that early in the morning fans used to come and stand in front of his house, so that they could get a glimpse of him. After this, Begum Para got a bold photoshoot done for a magazine, after which her discussion started happening all over the country. It is said that because of this photoshoot, she was named ‘Glamour Girl’ and people started calling her the first glamor girl of Bollywood. She became famous for this photoshoot in such a way that even today she is discussed among people.

Had a special relationship with Dilip Kumar
In those days, girls used to get married very early, because of this Begum Para was also married at a young age. Perhaps few people would know that Begum Para had married Nasir Khan, the younger brother of Bollywood veteran late actor Dilip Kumar, who himself was a famous actor of that era. Begum Para’s father, Miyan Ehsan-ul-Haq, was a judge from Jalandhar who had joined the princely state of Bikaner, in what is now northern Rajasthan, where he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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Begum Para came back to India after going to Pakistan
After the death of her husband Nasir Khan in 1974, Begum Para is said to have gone to Pakistan for a short time in 1975 to be with her family, but returned to India only two years later.

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Begum Para’s son Ayub Khan is a famous actor.
Begum Para had a total of three children, including actor Ayub Khan. From the small to the big screen, Ayub Khan has made a tremendous mark in the industry by acting brilliantly like his mother. Today he is 53 years old and during this time he was seen working in many films and TV shows. He has also received awards for TV shows ‘Utran’ and ‘Ek Hasina Thi’.

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