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Police investigating the angle of terrorism in Tamil Nadu cylinder blast, bomb making chemicals found from the deceased’s house


Police started investigation of terror link in Tamil Nadu cylinder blast
one killed in explosion
Bomb making chemicals found from the house of the deceased

Coimbatore. On the eve of Diwali, there has been an incident of horrific explosion near a temple in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on Sunday. The explosion took place due to the explosion of a gas cylinder in a car, in which one person has died. According to the police, a huge quantity of explosives were found from the house of the deceased, after which the police has started investigating the terrorist links.

Jamija Mubeen has died in the blast. In 2019, the same person was earlier questioned by the Central Anti-Terrorism Agency on the alleged ISIS link. It is not yet clear whether the explosion was intentional or accidental. The police have also recovered potassium nitrate, aluminum powder, charcoal and sulfur (a material used to make indigenous bombs) from Mubeen’s house. However, CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced, which shows the victim Jameja Mubeen and a few others carrying a mysterious object from their house a few hours before the blast.

Police are questioning Mubeen’s aides and more arrests are likely in the incident. The BJP in Tamil Nadu alleged that the cylinder blast was a terrorist act in association with ISIS. State BJP chief Annamalai said, “Coimbatore cylinder blast is no longer a ‘cylinder blast’. This is a clear terrorist act with ISIS links. Will @CMOTamilnadu come out in the open and accept it? TN government is hiding this information for 12 hours. Isn’t this a clear failure of the state intelligence machinery and the DMK government?

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Police said all shops around the Kottai Easwaran temple were closed on Sunday and a large number of police personnel have been deployed in the area. About one lakh policemen have been deployed across the state for Diwali. Being a communally sensitive area, there is a tense situation there.

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