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Prakash Raj said – Pandemic has ruined the business of ‘Mafia’ of entertainment, artificiality is ending

Bollywood’s Jaykant Shikre and South Cinema’s superstar Prakash Raj are famous for their outspokenness. Whether it is to be said on Twitter or anywhere else, he keeps his point with complete fearlessness. Prakash Raj will soon be seen in Zee5’s web series ‘Informer’. It is a detective-thriller, whose story revolves around the underworld and the mafia. In a recent interview, Prakash Raj, while talking on the web series, allegedly put a class of active mafia in the entertainment world. Prakash Raj said that the corona epidemic has stopped the mafia of the industry and artificiality is ending.

Prakash Raj in a conversation with ‘Hindustan Times’ has mentioned a different type of mafiaraj in the entertainment industry. Prakash was talking about cinema and web series, theater and OTT. He was asked that the word ‘Mafia’ has always been an interesting topic for him to talk about cinema and its art. In response to this, he said, ‘I keep using this word from time to time.’ He says that he has a very good reason to talk about certain people in the industry.

Prakash Raj said – the artificiality is slowly ending
Prakash Raj says, ‘Cinema is a language. It was like a river and it was flowing yesterday, but some people stopped it. They started putting conditions for it that you should show it only in theatres. He started thinking that if the story has to be written, then only in terms of two and a half hours. Everyone was stopping that you can’t release a story on TV earlier. But once this epidemic came and it ended this mafia. You see that the artificiality which is there is slowly disappearing. People had to go ahead of their thinking and now this medium has come for the content.

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‘Now I don’t need to do loud films’
Over the years, OTT platforms have created a different platform for different types of content. Talking about this, Prakash Raj further says, ‘I don’t need to do certain types of films now. These were the films I did for money. That is the beauty of this medium. Earlier I had to do some loud films. I had to do it because there is a section of the audience for that. That’s why I have stardom. But now I don’t need to worry about it because right now the viewership is huge and there are different types of viewers.

Prakash Raj told what is the story of ‘Informant’
Talking about his spy-thriller ‘Informer’, Prakash Raj says, ‘We are talking about an untold story from the 1960s, when I was not even born. Today in 2022, if I am safe in this country, then some unsung hero must have been responsible for this. Do we ever know about it? There are many things that run a country. It is never a person, or an ideology, or a party, or a leader. Every man is a patriot and every man is necessary according to the times. His contributions are many. This thought of this story inspired me to do it.’

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Is Alia’s ‘Raazi’ the same as ‘Kkhbir’?
Recently, when the trailer of ‘Informant’ came out, many people thought that it was like Alia Bhatt’s film ‘Raazi’. Both contain stories of Indian spy in Pakistan and are based on real events. Prakash Raj says, ‘I don’t think so. When it comes to informants, he is not talking about two countries. I don’t think they are the same. It’s a whole new way of looking at things, with a differently responsive script. I don’t think there will be any similarities between the two. When I say sensitive, I do not mean ‘cursing the neighbour’ for patriotism. This is necessary, because people are tired of looking at things with that old same point of view.’

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Web series to stream on Zee5 from November 11
The ‘Informant’ web series also stars Zain Khan Durrani and Adil Hussain in lead roles along with Prakash Raj. Directed by Shivam Nair and Jaiprad Desai, the series will stream on Zee5 from November 11.



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