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Prem Chopra, who became a villain in films, had such fear, people used to hide their wives after seeing him!

Prem Chopra Birthday: One of the dreaded villains of Bollywood, Prem Chopra is celebrating his birthday today. He is 87 years old. He was born in Lahore. After the partition of India-Pakistan, his family settled in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This is where Prem Chopra’s schooling took place. During his college days, Prem used to take part in plays. It was from here that his love for acting was awakened. Father wanted to make him a doctor but Prem Chopra did not approve of it. He came to Mumbai with the desire to work in films.

Here he struggled and succeeded in entering Bollywood. Meanwhile, a mountain of sorrow broke on him when his mother passed away. Prem Chopra accepted his sister Anju as a daughter and took up her upbringing. Talking about the film journey, Prem Chopra has worked in about 380 films in the film career of 60 years so far. He wanted to become a hero but he earned a lot of name by becoming a villain. In many films, Prem Chopra played mostly negative characters, which are still discussed today.

People still hate the characters played on Prem Chopra’s screen and this is probably the biggest feature of his tremendous acting that despite playing negative characters, fans were liked. In an interview, Prem Chopra himself said that people started considering him as a villain in real life too. Even wherever he went, people used to hide their wives.

Prem Chopra had said, when I used to meet and talk to people, people used to think that I am also a common man like him, I am not a villain who casts a bad eye on his wife. But later these things became common. And I started taking these things as a complement. Let us tell you that Prem Chopra married Uma, sister of Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna, after which he became the father of three daughters. Actor Sharman Joshi is his son-in-law.

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