Priyanka broke down badly for the first time, said- feelings are not stopping for Ankit, have to go out and get married too

Bigg Boss 16 is going to get a little more emotional in Sunday’s episode. In a new promo shared on social media, the contestants one by one go to the confession room and are seen sharing their heart out with Bigg Boss. The promo begins with Bigg Boss telling how many people are feeling restless inside the house in the ninth week of the show. He said, ‘There is no cure for all in this world, but sometimes sharing something makes the heart feel less heavy.’ Priyanka broke down badly in this and her words are becoming very viral on social media.

Priyanka could not stop herself

The first to enter the confession room was Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. She explained her changing image outside and how she would be visible to everyone. He said, ‘I am a simple girl who has to get married and settle down. I am getting more emotional about Ankit’s case and I got it wrong in this whole thing. My image for the people would be that very chik chik karte. Big Boss, I am very angry with myself. I want to slap myself. Now I am tense whether I will get work in future or not. On this she covered her face with her hand and started crying.

Shiva cried

After this, Shiv Thackeray also burst into tears about how the people inside the house think that he is very clever. He said, ‘My family knows that I always follow my heart. I can’t even cry in front of him, otherwise I will look weak.’

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The family members made Archana bad!

In the last promo, Archana Gautam spoke her heart. He said which side of him has come to the fore in the show. She said that she never used to speak bad about anyone, but the ‘Nalayaks’ of the show made her do so. Almost everyone in the house has become emotional at this moment.

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