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Producer Kamal Kishor Mishra arrested, the car was mounted on his wife after being caught red handed with another woman

Popular film producer Kamal Kishore Mishra had allegedly tried to kill his wife a few days ago by crushing her with a car. The wife had made serious allegations against Kamal Mishra and lodged a police complaint against him. Kamal Kishore Mishra has now been arrested in this case. Police have registered a case against Kamal Mishra under sections 279 and 338 at Amboli police station in Mumbai. While Kamal Mishra’s wife is seriously injured.

Police said that Kamal Kishor Mishra’s wife Yasmin suffered injuries on her leg and head but her condition is now stable and is improving. According to the police, Kamal Mishra’s wife in her complaint accused the husband of having illicit relations with another woman. Yasmin said in the complaint that the husband had an illicit relationship with another woman. When she caught her husband red-handed with another woman, the husband tried to drive the car on her. Yasmin told that when she was trying to chase the husband going with another woman in a white colored car, many tried to crush him. According to Yasmin, her husband Kamal Kishore Mishra deliberately tried to crush her under his car.

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Tried to crush wife with car after being caught red handed
A video of 19 October also surfaced, which was in the news. In this, a woman is seen running towards a white colored car. It is being told that the husband of that woman was driving this vehicle with another woman. As soon as the woman tried to stop the car, her husband instead of stopping the car started moving forward. He continued to drive the car until the woman came under the front right wheel of the car.

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Wife Yasmin’s allegation, husband spoiled the lives of many girls
Kamal Kishore Mishra’s wife had told the police in the complaint that as soon as she saw her husband in the car with another woman, she knocked on the glass of the car. She asked her husband to lower the car window. But the husband did not listen and started running after turning the car. Yasmin made many allegations against husband Kamal Kishore Mishra. He claimed that Kamal Kishore lures new girls into the trap of his love. He then tells them about his wealth. Do a lot of shopping for them. In this way, Kamal Kishore Mishra has spoiled the lives of many girls. Kamal Kishore Mishra has produced many films like ‘Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi’, ‘Dehati Disco’ and ‘Khali Bali’.



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