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Punjab: Fire brigade team went to extinguish the stubble fire and the Naib Tehsildar was taken hostage


Controversy escalates over stubble burning incident in Punjab
Farmers held Naib Tehsildar hostage
The vehicle of the fire brigade team was also seized

Barnala (Punjab). The team of fire brigade, Naib Tehsildar and the team of Agriculture Department, who went to extinguish the paddy straw fire in village Kalala in Barnala district of Punjab, were taken hostage by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Qadian). The farmers reached the Gurudwara Sahib in the village by driving the fire brigade vehicle themselves. During this, the farmers gathered on the spot also raised slogans against the Punjab government. Farmers organization and villagers said in clear words that if action is taken against farmers for burning paddy stubble, then roads across the state will be blocked by burning stubble. The fire brigade, naib tehsildar and the team of agriculture department were released after getting assurance that no action would be taken against the farmers who burnt the stubble.

Jagsir Singh, District President of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Kadian), told that paddy straw was being burnt by a farmer in Kalala village. After this, the Fire Brigade, Naib Tehsildar and Agriculture Department officials reached the spot to take action against the farmer. After coming to know about this, Jagsir Singh reached the spot along with other farmers and took the fire department team, Naib Tehsildar and Agriculture Department officials hostage in the field itself. He said that the Punjab government is taking strict action against the farmers who burn paddy straw, which will not be tolerated at any cost.

Cases of stubble burning in Punjab cross 17000, CM Mann’s district has the highest number of cases, not a single challan

Jagsir Singh said that only 12% of the farmers have got the machines that the Punjab government is talking about being distributed to the farmers. These machines are not working properly. He said that burning of paddy straw is the compulsion of the farmers and if the Punjab government does not want to allow burning of paddy straw, then farmers should be compensated for it. The farmer leader told that if any officer of the district administration goes to the field of any farmer who is burning stubble, then he will be held hostage there. He said that even during the government of Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress, such strictness was not done on the farmers. He warned that if action is taken by the Punjab government on any farmer for burning stubble, then the roads of entire Punjab will be blocked by dropping paddy straw.

Barnala District Agriculture Officer Varinder Kumar said that the information about the officials being held hostage has been given to the district administration and the deputy commissioner. High officials of the police were sent to the spot by the Deputy Commissioner. Barnala Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Nayar said that burning of stubble would cause as much damage to the health of the farmers and their children as to the common people. He appealed to the farmers that they should not burn the stubble. This work is being done by the Punjab government in the interest of the farmers.

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