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Rajesh Khanna used to love this actress very much but because of this marriage could not happen!

Rajesh Khanna Anju Mahendru Affair: Rajesh Khanna is called the first superstar of Bollywood. The passion of Rajesh Khanna among the fans was such that girls used to kiss the car of Kaka (Rajesh Khanna was affectionately called as Kaka) and turn it red. At the same time, boys also used to copy Rajesh Khanna’s hairstyle and clothes.

However, did you know that Rajesh Khanna’s heart used to beat for someone else? Yes, Rajesh Khanna loved actress and model Anju Mahendru very much and was in a serious relationship with her for almost 7 years. It is said that Rajesh Khanna and Anju Mahendru knew each other since childhood and they also struggled together in the film industry.

Let us tell you that Rajesh Khanna loved Anju so much that he even wanted to marry her. However, Anju was still trying her luck in films and she was more serious about her career than marriage.

According to media reports, Rajesh Khanna wanted Anju to take over the house after marriage and quit working in films, while Anju was not ready for it. It is said that this thing was causing a rift in the relationship between Rajesh Khanna and Anju. At the same time, in the meantime, Anju’s closeness with cricketer Gary Sobers started increasing and only after that Rajesh Khanna had a breakup with Anju.

It goes so far that Rajesh Khanna, who was going to marry Dimple Kapadia, had taken out a procession in front of her house only to tease Anju. However, despite the breakup, Anju and Rajesh Khanna remained good friends and this friendship lasted till Kaka’s last breath.

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