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‘Ram’ Arun Govil became emotional after the death of Tabassum, remembering his sister-in-law said – ‘I will not be able to say much’

Mumbai: Famous Hindi cinema actress Tabassum Govil passed away due to cardiac arrest. The entire industry is in mourning after the death of the actress. Kiran Bala Sachdev i.e. Tabassum said goodbye to this world on the evening of 18th November. Many stars including Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan have also paid tribute to the late actress. Meanwhile, Arun Govil, who played the role of Ram in Ramayana, has also reacted to Tabassum’s death.

Actually, Tabassum was the sister-in-law of Arun Govil. The actress was married to Arun Govil’s elder brother Vijay Govil. Both have a son Hoshang Govil. At this time the whole family of Tabassum is in mourning. Arun Govil is also deeply saddened by the demise of his sister-in-law. Reacting to the death of sister-in-law, he has expressed his grief.

Arun Govil E-Times In a conversation with, he says- ‘This is the saddest. She was my favorite family member. Very sweet and jovial, she was a wonderful lady. When I came to Mumbai from Meerut, I stayed with my brother and him for a long time. I was a fresher and was struggling to make my career in Bollywood. I used to accompany him on the sets of ‘Phool Khile Hai Gulshan-Gulshan’.

‘I have seen him taking interviews and his hard work over the years. I used to accompany him to Aminji’s studio, which was near Regal Cinema, for radio recordings of Amin Sayani. It was a wonderful experience to see him doing such wonderful and interesting work. I don’t remember any specific interview of his, but his show was very successful because he interviewed all the successful film stars.

Arun Govil says in the end- ‘I cannot say much. I would just say that may God give peace to his soul. Arun Govil and his entire family are in deep sorrow at this time. Earlier, the son of the actress said on the death of his mother that she left this world very peacefully.

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