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‘Ram Setu’ should not drown somewhere! ‘Thank God’ also got worse at the box office on the third day.

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’ has suffered a major setback on the third day at the box office. The film, which earned Rs 15 crore on the opening day, has collected only 8.20 crores on Thursday. Not only this, the situation of Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra’s ‘Thank God’ released on the occasion of Diwali is also similar. On the opening day, ‘Thank God’ collected Rs 7.50 crore, while on the third day, the film has collected only Rs 4.10 crore. On the third day, there has been a decline of 45% in the earnings of both the films as compared to the first day. There is no doubt that this Diwali has proved to be a flop at the box office. But the way both the films have fallen in particular, it seems that this ‘Ram Setu’ of Bollywood may not sink before it is made.

Ram Setu, made under the direction of Abhishek Sharma, had raised hopes on the first day. Akshay Kumar plays the role of an atheist archaeologist in this film, who is searching for the truth of Ram-Setu. The way the audience dance videos and shouting slogans of Jai Shri Ram came out on the first day of the theatres, it seemed that the film’s earnings would gradually pick up pace. But sadly, that doesn’t seem to be happening now. Indra Kumar’s directorial Thank God did average business on the very first day, so the expectations of this comedy film were not very high. Now Friday is very important for both the films. This is because the holidays of Diwali, Chitragupta Puja and Bhai Dooj are over. Therefore, if the earnings of both the films do not improve on the fourth day on Friday, then their lifetime earnings at the box office are going to be badly affected.

‘Ram Setu’ earns Rs 34.20 crore in three days
Although there is an atmosphere of Chhath festival in Bihar and UP, but people’s own busyness increases in it. This means that this is not going to have any good effect on the earnings of the films. However, there has been an increase in the earnings of ‘Ram Setu’ in Gujarat-Saurashtra and UP. Whereas in multiplexes in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, earnings have fallen by 40 percent. In three days, now ‘Ram Setu’ has made a total of Rs 34.20 crore. It is also worth noting here that films are generally released on Fridays. That is, there is a weekend atmosphere till Sunday, but it has to be understood that the film has already taken this feel during the Diwali holiday. Now if there is no increase in earnings on Friday, then the lifetime earnings of ‘Ram Setu’ made in the budget of Rs 85 crore will be reduced to around Rs 100 crore.

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Ram Setu Box Office Collection

first day Tuesday Rs 15.00 crore
second day Wednesday Rs 11.00 crore
day 3 Thursday 8.20 crores
Total Earnings – Rs 34.20 crore

Better if you take out the ‘Thank God’ budget too
On the other hand, the condition of ‘Thank God’, directed by Indra Kumar, is even worse. The film has neither got a strong opening nor is there a huge increase in its earnings going forward. The film has earned Rs 17.60 crore in three days till Thursday. However, being a comedy genre, the film is expected to see a slight improvement in its earnings on Saturday and Sunday. The budget of the film is close to Rs 70 crore. In such a situation, if this film also takes out its budget in lifetime, then it will be lucky.

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Thank God Box Office Collection

first day Tuesday 7.50 crores
second day Wednesday 6.00 crores
day 3 Thursday 4.10 crores
total earnings Rs 17.60 crore



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