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‘Ram Setu’ showed its strength at the box office on the 5th day, earning twice as much as ‘Thank God’

On the occasion of Diwali, films of big stars like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan – ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God’ were released at the box office. There were high expectations from both the films. There were speculations that big festivals like Diwali and long weekends would benefit both the films ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God’. but that did not happen. ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God’ are doing badly at the box office. But on the fifth day i.e. first Saturday (29 October), there was a slight improvement in the collections of ‘Thank God’ and ‘Ram Setu’. On the fifth day, ‘Ram Setu’ earned twice as much as ‘Thank God’.

Ram Setu and Thank God were released in theaters on 25 October. Let us tell you how much both the films have earned so far within five days and how the figure of earning has increased and decreased every day. First let’s talk about ‘Ram Setu’.

Box office performance of ‘Ram Setu’
Apart from Akshay Kumar in ‘Ram Setu’, there are actors like Jacqueline Fernandez, Nusrat Bharucha and Satya Dev. Akshay’s 4 films were released so far in 2022 and all four proved to be flops. In such a situation, Akshay has high hopes from ‘Ram Setu’. But the way the earnings of ‘Ram Setu’ were falling every day, all the hopes seemed to be dashed. But on the fifth day the situation calmed down a bit.

Ram Setu Vs Thank God Day 4: Ram Bharosa is now at the box office, ‘Thank God’ game over on the fourth day
Akshay’s ‘Ram Setu’ earns Rs 47.50 crore
‘Ram Setu’ had earned Rs 15 crore on the opening day i.e. on 25 October, which is continuously falling. On the fifth day, there was an improvement of 20% in the earnings of ‘Ram Setu’. It earned Rs 7.25 crore. The total earning of ‘Ram Setu’ so far has been Rs 47.50 crore. According to reports, the budget of ‘Ram Setu’ is Rs 85 crore. It was expected that the film’s earnings may increase on Saturday and Sunday and the hope seems to be coming true. It is believed that if the earnings of ‘Ram Setu’ do not increase in the weekend, then this lifetime will be able to earn only 80 or 90 crores.

Ram Setu Box Office Collection

first day Tuesday Rs 15.00 crore
second day Wednesday Rs 11.00 crore
day 3 Thursday Rs 8.25 crore
fourth day Friday 6.00 crores
fifth day Saturday 7.25 crores
total earnings 5 days 47.50 crores

(Data: boxofficeindia)

Ram Setu Vs Thank God Day 3: Let ‘Ram Setu’ not drown! ‘Thank God’ also got worse at the box office on the third day.
‘Thank God’ earns Rs 23.25 crore in 5 days
Now let’s talk about Ajay Devgn and Sidharth Malhotra starrer ‘Thank God’, its earnings also showed improvement on Saturday i.e. on the fifth day. It collected Rs 3.25 crore, while the film earned Rs 7.50 crore on its opening day. The five-day earnings figure of ‘Thank God’ has reached Rs 23.25 crore. It was believed that there may be a slight jump in the collection of ‘Thank God’ on the weekend, but seeing the pace of the film at the box office, it seems that it will not be able to earn even 50 crores in the coming week. Only ‘Ram Setu’ is earning better than ‘Thank God’. Comparing the fifth day earnings of both the films, Akshay’s ‘Ram Setu’ has earned twice as much as Ajay Devgan’s ‘Thank God’. But in the festive season and holidays, the box office performance of ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God’ is bound to disappoint.

Thank God Box Office Collection

first day Tuesday 7.50 crores
second day Wednesday 6.00 crores
day 3 Thursday 4.10 crores
fourth day Friday Rs 3.30 crore
fifth day Saturday Rs 3.25 crore
total earnings 5 days Rs 23.25 crore


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