Ran away from home in 17 years, saw 500 rupees in Mumbai. Time changed again and Ravi Kishan made a big mistake while bathing with milk

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Ravi Kishan has worked in films of many languages ​​along with Hindi. An excellent actor Ravi Kishan has achieved a special place in politics along with acting. Born in Mumbai on July 17, 1969, Rive Kishan’s family hails from Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. When Ravi Kishan was 10 years old, his family returned to Uttar Pradesh. Ravi Kishan was dreaming of becoming an actor since childhood. According to IMDb, Ravi Kishan came to Mumbai at the age of 17 with just Rs 500.

After this, Ravi Kishan made his place in films here on his own. In the year 1992, Ravi Kishan made his career’s first Hindi film ‘Pitamber’. Since then, after working in films continuously, Ravi Kishan became a star. As soon as the decade of 2010 started, Ravi Kishan also got such a ghost of stardom that his mind started touching the sky.

Revealed in a recent interview

In this affair, he made a big mistake. Recently, Ravi Kishan has disclosed this in an interview given to India TV. Ravi Kishan told that he used to bathe in several liters of milk daily. After this he used to sleep on rose petals. In this affair, Anurag Kashyap’s film Gangs of Wasseypur was left out of his hands.

Actually Ravi Kishan was also offered a role in Gangs of Wasseypur. After which Ravi Kishan had kept his condition. After which he had to wash his hands from the film. Although Ravi Kishan told that later he understood all this. Ravi Kishan explains, ‘Actually we did not consider ourselves less than a superstar at that time.

Godfather watched 500 times

People used to tell us that veteran actors of Hollywood like Alpachino, Robert DeNiro also do the same. That’s why we used to do the same. I have seen God Father at least 500 times. Ravi Kishan is a veteran actor who has worked in films of many languages ​​including Hindi and Bhojpuri. Ravi Kishan is considered a big star in Hindi films as well as in South films, he continues to spread his acting skills. Ravi Kishan has played one of the best villains in many South films. Ravi Kishan is also known for his strong style.

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