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Ranbir Kapoor had put the first earnings at Neetu Kapoor’s feet, Mamta was stunned by her mother’s eyes

Rishi Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit’s film ‘Prem Granth’ was released in the year 1996. Its magic did not work at the box office. But the box of memories related to it definitely keeps stirring in the mind of the actor’s family. About five years ago i.e. in 2017, Neetu Kapoor shared a beautiful picture of the set of this film. Now an incident related to this has been shared by Ranbir Kapoor in the interview. It is told how much he earned in this film. And to whom did he give the money he got?

Actually, Ranbir Kapoor assisted Papa Rishi Kapoor in ‘Prem Granth’ in 1994. while he was shooting for it. Now Neetu Kapoor had shared a picture during this, in which Ranbir was holding a clapboard in his hand and Rishi Kapoor was seen posing with his hand on the waist behind him. The actress also wrote a caption with this post, ‘Hope the son to direct Kapoor in the future.’ However, these things remained only a dream because the sage is no longer in this world.

This was the first earning of Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor told in an interview to Mashable India that he had received a check of Rs 250 for assisting in this film. ‘My first check was for Rs 250 which I got for assisting in Prem Granth. Like good kids, I went to my mother’s room and laid the check at her feet. He saw her and she started crying. It was like the film moments in which I performed.

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Ranbir Kapoor’s Instagram account
In the interview, Ranbir Kapoor also told about his secret Instagram account. He said, ‘The thing is such that I neither do any post nor do I have any followers. So does this make sense? I don’t have an account. But never say no. I can make my account public but for now I am fine. I am doing well without social media. But never say no.


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