Rapper Badshah going to marry girlfriend soon! The first marriage was done secretly.. He is also the father of a daughter.

Singer-rapper Badshah has been in a relationship with his actress and girlfriend Isha Rikhi for a long time now. Now reports are coming that the couple is all set to take their relationship to the next level. According to a report in a news portal, Badshah and Isha are planning to tie the knot this month. They are reportedly planning a Gurdwara wedding in North India tomorrow. Esha was recently spotted wedding shopping in the city. However, only a select few friends know about their marriage.

Badshah doing second marriage?

An employee of a music label who has worked with rapper Badshah in the past has also reportedly confirmed the talks. When contacted, Rikhi maintained a ‘no comment’ stand while rapper Badshah has not been heard about. The news of their relationship hit the internet last year. However, the couple neither confirmed nor denied the news. Since then both have remained silent about their relationship.

Badshah is the father of a daughter

Badshah was previously married to Jasmine Masih, with whom he has a daughter named Jessamy Grace Masih Singh. The couple parted ways in 2020 due to some reasons which are not well known to anyone.

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first marriage was done secretly

Badshah’s wife Jasmine belongs to a Christian family and has a different cultural background. So, instead of opting for a mare, baraat and pheras, they had a Christian wedding. Hence, the couple tied the knot in 2012 without any media coverage. However, it was only after the birth of Badshah’s baby girl that their fans came to know about their marriage. Later they also separated.

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