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Rashmika Mandanna and Salman Khan dance vigorously on ‘Sami Sami’, Dabang Khan dancing at the behest of National Crush

The fever of both the film ‘Pushpa’ and its songs is not going to go away so soon. Pushpa actress Rashmika Mandanna has become the heartbeat of millions. The actress is called the national crush. And on the other hand the Dabang Khan of Bollywood is Salman Khan. Can you imagine what will happen when these two come together? Something similar happened when Rashmika Mandanna and Salman Khan came together and both danced on the song ‘Sami-Sami’.

Salman-Rashmika together
Rashmika Mandanna made a glamorous entry in an award show. The actress not only graced the award show with her charisma but also wooed megastar Salman Khan with the viral ‘Sami Sami’ song from the hit film ‘Pushpa’.

salman and rashmika dance
In a viral video, Rashmika is seen dancing to the song ‘Sami Sami’, in which Salman Khan and the show’s host Maniesh Paul are also dancing with her. The actress was present at an award show in the city last night. The video of the award show has gone viral on social media and fans are sharing it a lot.

When the girl won Rashmika’s heart
This is not the first time that the song ‘Sami Sami’ has taken over the internet. Earlier, Rashmika herself shared a video of a little girl dancing to the song ‘Sami Sami’ from the film Pushpa. Pleased with the girl’s antics, Rashmika says that the ‘cute girl’ has made her day and says that she wants to meet him.

Rashmika Mandanna: Rashmika Mandanna and Govinda rock the stage of DID, dance vigorously on ‘Sami Sami’
The budget of ‘Pushpa’ was 400 crores
Talking about the film, ‘Pushpa’ was released in December 2021 and was a huge hit not only in the Telugu speaking states but also in the Hindi circuit. The film crossed the 100 crore collection with its Hindi version. It is also being estimated that the budget of the film was 400 crores. Allu Arjun fans are eagerly waiting for the second part of ‘Pushpa’.



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