RCP Singh said – I am a bigger leader than Nitish Kumar, he was on the road when I was IAS

Patna. My status is more than CM. He was on the road in 1982 when I was an IAS. And let’s talk about status. Dreaming of Prime Minister, but how to become one. What happens if you only dream of becoming the Prime Minister from five-six MPs. Manage your party Many JDU leaders are in touch with us. This claim and attack has been done by RCP Singh.

In fact, when Nitish Kumar was asked a question about RCP Singh in Delhi, he attacked him as soon as he heard the question and said that what are you taking his name. You people know who made him, who brought him into politics. He was an IAS, who had made him his private secretary, from where should we leave his talk.

After this statement, RCP Singh got angry on Nitish Kumar. When the journalists asked him this question, the RCP got angry and said that Nitish Kumar talks about my status, let me tell that in 1982, when he was scouring the road. At that time I had passed the UPSC exam sitting in the village. He would never have given such a test. After doing engineering, he had given the Navy exam once, but he failed in that too.

RCP said that they have made me a leader, but he did not become a born leader. He should tell what was his status in 1977. He lost the election in 1980. He says that he is a mass leader. But the public has rejected them. During this, RCP Singh also accused Nitish Kumar of being a traitor.

RCP Singh said that Nitish Kumar has betrayed the people of Bihar not once but thrice. have cheated them. He talks that I have betrayed him and JDU. The people of the state know very well who is the real traitor.

RCP Singh said that even though she is not in JDU today. But still a large number of workers are standing with me at the block level. They know who is standing with them. I am trying to contact all of them. RCP Singh said that numbers are most important to become the Prime Minister. It also depends on how many MPs you have. If he goes to contest elections with the party he is with now, then how many seats will be in his share out of 40 seats in Bihar. 10-11 seats will be available, how many seats will come in them, time will tell. But how can anyone choose the leader of a party with few MPs as his prime minister.

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