Renuka Shahane ruled TV as Surbhi for 10 years, defeating male dominance

Renuka Shahane was a big TV star in the nineties and her show ‘Surbhi’ was a huge hit. In this show, he used to read lakhs of letters sent by fans and viewers along with Siddharth Kak. After starting her career with TV, Renuka Shahane worked in Bollywood to Marathi cinema. Today she is not only an actress but also a director. However, Renuka Shahane was also judged many times in this journey. People even shouted at him. But the actress set an example by facing all the ups and downs. Know the story of his inspiring journey.

Surbhi’s record and Renuka Shahane’s charm

Renuka Shahane started her acting career with the Marathi film Hach Sunbaicha Bhau, but did not get much recognition. During this, he got the role of a presenter in the Hindi TV show ‘Surbhi’. This show made Renuka Shahane a household name. At that time, from children to elders used to watch ‘Surbhi’ with great interest. Since there was no era of social media at that time, viewers used to send their questions and thoughts for the show through letters.

Renuka became ‘Surbhi’

Surbhi becomes Renuka's charm

At that time ‘Surbhi’ was so popular that people used to send 14 lakh letters every week. Renuka Shahane and Siddharth Kak also used to read and reply to the letters of the audience with a lot of heart. The show then ran for 10 years and Renuka was the queen of TV for 10 years.

Starting with ‘PC Mausi’, then ‘Circus’ with Shahrukh

Circus with Shahrukh again started with PC Mausi

Many people believe that Renuka started her TV journey with ‘Surbhi’. but it’s not like that. Renuka Shahane had worked in the TV show ‘PC Aur Mausi’ in 1987 before ‘Surbhi’. Farida Jalal and Pankaj Barry were also seen in it. After this he did two shows named ‘Circus’ and ‘Lifeline’. After this Renuka Shahane got ‘Surbhi’, on the basis of which she ruled TV for 10 years.

Recognition in Bollywood from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’

Hum aapke hain koi bollywood identity

At the same time, Suraj Barjatya offered the film ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ to Renuka Shahane. Renuka was seen in the role of Salman Khan’s sister-in-law in this film. The film was a super hit and Renuka-Salman’s chemistry was also well-liked. Renuka Shahane did a few more Hindi films. After stepping into Bollywood, he also did many films in Marathi cinema and made a distinct identity for himself.

Became director, created panic

Became director, created panic

After getting iron in acting, Renuka Shahane stepped into that field, where most of the men are considered to be dominant. Means in the field of direction. Renuka Shahane made her directorial debut in 2009 with the film ‘Rita’. He made this film on the book ‘Rita Wellinger’ written by his mother Shanta Gokhale. Actors like Pallavi Joshi, Jackie Shroff, Suhasini Mulay and Mohan Agashe were seen in it. (Photo: Instagram)

Defeat the dominance of men!

Defeat the dominance of men!

Nearly a decade after ‘Rita’, Renuka Shahane made her directorial debut in Bollywood as well and made the film ‘Tribhanga’. In this he signed heroines like Kajol, Mithila Palkar and Tanvi Azmi. Renuka Shahane’s desire to become a director was born when she was working in the TV show ‘Lifeline’ in 1988. During the same time she was also the assistant director of Dr. Vijaya Mehta. Then Renuka felt that she should try her hand at direction as well. Renuka Shahane may have been an actress as well, but she found peace only after becoming a director. (Photo: social media)

did not break even from people’s taunts

did not break even from people's taunts

While Renuka Shahane was very successful professionally, she saw many ups and downs in her personal life. When Renuka was young, her parents got divorced. Because of this people used to judge him. In an interview, Renuka Shahane had told that people used to keep their children away from them and used to say that do not play with them because they come from broken homes. Even Renuka Shahane’s teachers used to make lewd comments on her. Renuka had told about this in an interview given to ‘Pinkvilla’.

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