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Rishabh Shetty does not want a remake of his film ‘Kantara’ to be made in Bollywood, told this big reason

After ‘KGF’, if any movie is being seen on the cine lovers, then it is the Kannada language film ‘Kantara’. The film was released on 30 September, which received a lot of praise. Seeing the success and demand of ‘Kantara’ in the South, it was dubbed in Hindi and released in theaters on October 14, which got a great response. But Rishabh Shetty doesn’t want ‘Kantara’ to be remade in Bollywood. What is the reason behind this?

After ‘KGF’, Kantara has written a new record of success for the Kannada film industry. Rishab Shetty not only acted in this film, but he also directed it and wrote its story. ‘Kantara’ has done wonders in terms of earning in every language. Its earnings are still continuing at the box office. Rishabh Shetty is very happy with the blockbuster success of his film. In an interview to our colleague ETimes, he spoke about the success of ‘Kantara’, the controversy surrounding it and the response he is getting from the audience. Rishabh Shetty also explained why he doesn’t want ‘Kantara’ to be remade in Bollywood.

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Rishabh Shetty does not want a remake of ‘Kantara’ to be made in Bollywood
Rishabh Shetty was asked if ‘Kantara’ would be dubbed in Hindi. In such a situation, there is no chance of a remake in Hindi. But if it was remade in Hindi, which actor do they think could have played his character? In response, Rishabh Shetty said, ‘Remake will not be made in Hindi. To play such a character, it is important that you believe in your roots and your culture. There are many big actors in the Hindi film industry, whom I like very much. But I don’t want the film (Kantara) to be remade. I am not interested in remakes.

Watch the Hindi trailer of ‘Kantara’:

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When Rishabh Shetty was asked that South films are performing very well in the Hindi market. What is the reason for this? Rishabh Shetty said, ‘It is absolutely seasonal. Every industry goes through ups and downs. Perhaps the audience does not divide between films in such a way whether it is from Bollywood or Sandalwood. The audience sees it from the perspective of Indian cinema. ‘Kantara’ is Kannada, regional and Indian cinema. The same applies to Hindi cinema as well. People are now crossing the barriers of languages ​​and watching content from all corners of the country. Every film industry has contributed significantly to Indian cinema.

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The story of Rishabh Shetty’s village is ‘Kantara’!

Rishabh Shetty told that the story of ‘Kantara’ is actually a true story, which is from his village. But Kantara’s world is completely fictional. From childhood he saw Dev Kola. Whatever things he saw, he showed them in the film. It’s been 31 days since ‘Kantara’ released. The film has earned Rs 226.31 crore so far. Its bumper earnings are continuing in Hindi language as well.



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