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Rupali Ganguly narrated her anecdote in Mika Singh’s ‘Swayamvar’, said – the marriage took place in 15 minutes

The show ‘Anupama’, which created panic in the world of TRP, has become fiercely popular from house to house. Its characters are also garnering a lot of accolades with their acting. Rupali Ganguly is also in the hearts and minds of the people. Wherever she goes, it becomes news. Now when she attended Mika Singh’s ‘Swayamvar’ in Haldi and Mehndi Ceremony, she shared many anecdotes related to her marriage.

Actually, ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’ (Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti) is now on its final stage. Mika has got his top 3 dulhania. These include Neet Mahal, Akanksha Puri and Prantika Das. Now when Rupali Ganguly performed the wedding rituals with these three, she remembered her marriage. He told how crowded was his marriage to Ashwin.

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Rupali Ganguly took two days off for marriage
The actress says, ‘I was not married according to customs. I had to wait 12 years for my husband. He was in America and I wanted to live in India. He came on 4 February and said the day after tomorrow they get married. I was doing daily soap during that time. Then I took two days off. When I told the producer, he was like that now your track is going on. How can you take leave like this? And why do you need a vacation? Then I told them that I am going to get married. So he said that you have to go for today’s shoot, only then I can give you two days leave. Then I finished my shoot and then got two days off.

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Rupali Ganguly’s husband came to get married in jeans-shirt
Rupali Ganguly further told that during her marriage there were more mehndi artists than family members, ‘When I reached my house, I saw there were family members like aunts and aunts. There were also many Mehndi artists as well. Then I applied mehndi till my shoulders full. The mehendi went on till four o’clock in the morning. At the same time, the Haldi ceremony was also going on. Meaning there was no time at all and the register had to come on the evening of 6 February. I went to buy the wedding saree in the morning. The blouse was ready, so I told the shopkeeper, this is the blouse, take out the matching saree. My husband was also late. He had come to the wedding in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. He thought that only signing has to be done.

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Rupali Ganguly’s Mehndi done in four hours
Rupali Ganguly further said, ‘My father told me 15 minutes ago that he wants to do Kanyadaan. I told him from where should we get the pandit now. Because we had not called him. Then how did we find the Pandit. But he was busier than me. Ashwin had not even parked his car and Pandit started reciting the mantra in a hurry. We were all looking at him. So my marriage took place in 15 minutes and Mehndi in 4 hours. But I have got a husband like a diamond. I am very happy. Thu-Thu-Thu.’ Rupali further praised her husband and told that if a husband like her comes in the life of any girl, then her life should be saved. Her husband is her strength. He has always supported them.


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