Russia-Ukraine War: European Union said – President Putin is not ‘bluffing’ about nuclear weapons

London. The bloc’s foreign policy chief says the EU should take Vladimir Putin’s threats seriously. He can use nuclear weapons in the conflict with Ukraine. Josep Borrell told the BBC’s Lise Doucet that the war had reached a “dangerous moment”. His remarks come at a time when Russia has partially launched a mobilization on Ukraine and is moving to capture four regions. Not only this, Russia has faced failures on the battlefield. Their forces have been pushed back by a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Borrell says it is certainly a dangerous moment because the Russian military has been pushed into a corner and Putin’s response, threatening to use nuclear weapons, is very bad.

Russia on the back foot!

Russia Analysts believe President Putin’s forces are on the backfoot 7 months after the invasion of Ukraine began, but they now say a “diplomatic solution” must be reached. In an address to the nation earlier this week, Putin said his country had “various weapons of destruction” and that we would use all available means. It should not be taken as a joke.

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Borrell dismissed the claims, saying the EU’s arms supply was running low. He said the federation should continue to provide military aid to Ukraine. It should also implement economic sanctions and conduct diplomatic activity against President Putin and his allies.

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