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Saif Ali Khan took a tour of Pataudi Palace, Nawabi elegance is reflected from every corner of the palace

Saif Ali Khan’s Pataudi Palace always remains in headlines. Whenever Saif goes to spend holidays with his family in this inherited palace and the pictures come to the fore, the discussion of this luxurious palace also starts. This time Saif has taken a tour of his age-old house for an advertisement. In this, you can see from the fountain outside the palace to each and every room. Some old photographs are also seen, which brings back old memories. Let us show you this inside video of Pataudi Palace.

In this video first we get to see the exterior of Pataudi Palace. Then a gleaming chandelier is seen inside the house. After this some old pictures. Then Saif Ali Khan appears. He is in a large room and gestures to take you to the other side of the room. Here you can see how luxurious the doors of the palace and the furniture kept there are. After this Saif comes to a gallery, where tables are lined up on both sides and frames of old photographs are neatly placed on it. There are also photo frames on the walls. Saif says that his memories are attached to each and every corner. He also admires the picture, which is of his father when he used to play cricket.

Saif took a tour of Pataudi Palace

Then Saif is seen standing in a hall. There is a big mirror in the background. Then the swimming pool built in the garden area is visible. After this, a room is seen again, which is probably a library. Glimpses of some more old photographs are seen. There are also many pictures of his daughter Sara Ali Khan in it.

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The palace was designed 50 years ago

According to the information, Pataudi Palace is in Gurugram, Haryana. It was designed in the year 1972 and after the death of Iftikhar Ali Khan, the last ruler of Pataudi, the palace was handed over to his son Mansoor Ali Khan and his wife Sharmila Tagore. This palace is now the ancestral property of the family. It is said that there was no one to take care of this luxurious palace, so from 2005 to 2014 it was leased to Neemrana Hotel Group, but Saif offered to buy it back and he became the owner of this Pataudi Palace.

The price of the palace is 800 crores

Pataudi Palace is spread over 10 acres. The cost of this century-old and heritage-filled palace is said to be Rs 800 crore. It has everything from swimming pool to farm. There are 150 rooms. There is a very big dining room. Old memories are attached to each of its bricks. Saif Ali Khan’s entire family keeps coming here and spend quality time.

Saif to play Ravana in ‘Adipurush’

Talking about the workfront, Saif Ali Khan was seen in ‘Vikram Vedha’ with Hrithik Roshan. It was the Hindi remake of the South movie of the same name. Now Saif will be seen in the role of Ravana in Om Raut’s ‘Adipurush’. He is in a lot of discussion about the look in this movie.



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