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Salim Khan had told Helen’s marriage ‘an accident, the actress had said- I thought I had committed a crime’

Salim Khan, the man who gave Bollywood such gems in the form of films like ‘Sholay’, ‘Zanjeer’, ‘Deewar’, ‘Kranti’ and ‘Don’, whose shine remains intact till date. These films were the highest grossing films of their era. It is Salim Khan who created Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘angry young man’ image on the film screen. Salim Khan may have touched all the heights of success in his career, but there were many ups and downs in his personal life. Salim Khan did two marriages. First married to Salma and second to actress Helen. Salim Khan had called Helen’s second marriage as an ‘accident’ and while Helen also said in an interview that she was regretting marrying Salim Khan. After all, why did Salim Khan and Helen say this to each other? Going to tell the same story in ‘Throwback Thursday’ on Salim Khan’s 87th birthday on 24th November.

Salim Khan first married Sushila Charak. Sushila Charak converted to Islam after marriage and became Salma. Before marriage, Salim Khan and Salma dated each other for five years. When Salim Khan met Sushila i.e. Salma, his career had not even started. Then after dating each other, Salim Khan and Sushila got married. Both were happy in their marriage and had four children.

Salim Khan with both wives

Salim Khan’s second marriage and family’s displeasure
But in this happy family there was sadness when Salim Khan decided to get married for the second time. Despite being married and the father of four children, the decision of second marriage is difficult for anyone. And then it was a matter of family. Salim Khan’s entire family got angry about his second marriage.

Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail did not even talk to Salim Khan
In fact, after marriage, Salim Khan got busy in his career, while Sushila i.e. Salma Khan got busy in taking care of the family. Meanwhile, Salim Khan met Helen. Both did some films together and during this time they fell in love with each other. Only then Salim Khan decided to marry Helen. In the year 1980, Salim Khan married Helen. Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz were not at all happy with their father’s second marriage. He did not even talk to Salim Khan.

salim khan unseen

Salim Khan, Photo: social media

Salim had called his marriage to Helen a beautiful ‘accident’
Salman used to express his anger on them too. But Salim Khan had faith in his heart that with time everything would be fine and the family would accept Helen. Salim Khan had described Helen as the most beautiful ‘accident’ of his life in an interview. In an interview given to ‘DNA’, Salim Khan had said that he has two wives and both are living very comfortably. Salim Khan had said that he fell in love twice and he considered it a beautiful accident.


Helen, Photo: Pinterest

When Helen started feeling guilty
But Helen was considering herself guilty and she was feeling guilty. She started feeling as if she had committed a crime by marrying Salim Khan. Helen revealed this in an interview. Helen had said, ‘I was being eaten up by the fact that Salim Khan was married. I was living in this guilt from the beginning and considered myself guilty ‘ In the beginning, even Salman Khan, Arbaaz, Sohail and Alvira did not like Helen. But today all of them and Salma also shower a lot of love on Helen.



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