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Salman Khan’s security increased after receiving threats from gangsters, superstar got Y+ category security

Mumbai: Mumbai Police has increased the security of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan even more than before. Mumbai Police had given security to Salman Khan after receiving threats from Lawrence Bishnoi gang. But now in view of the danger looming on Salman’s life, Mumbai Police has tightened his security even more than before. Because he does not want to be negligent towards Salman.

Recently, Salman had received death threats. It was only after this that it was decided to give X category security to the actor. But according to the news agency ANI, the Protection Branch of Mumbai Police, in view of Salman’s safety, has increased his security to the Y + category, because he wants to provide security to Salman in every way. From now onwards, the matter of giving Y + category security to this Bollywood superstar has come to the fore.

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2 guards will be posted by Salman
Keeping in mind the security of Salman Khan, a police guard was always stationed with him with weapons. But now increasing the security of Salman, not one or two police guards will be under the protection of Salman along with weapons for 24 hours. All this was done after the threat received by Salman Khan. The police is trying to give all possible protection to Salman.

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Amrita Fadnavis also increased security
Salman Khan is not the only one who has been provided security under security. Apart from Salman Khan, changes have also been made in the security of Amrita Fadnavis, wife of Maharashtra State Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis. Like Salman Khan, now along with Amrita Fadnavis, armed security guards will always be stationed under her protection.

Why is Salman the target of Lawrence Bishnoi?
From Salman Khan’s blackbuck hunting case till now the gangster is angry with the actor. Since this case, the Bishnoi gang is behind Salman. This is not the first time that even before this he has planned to kill Salman many times. Salman was also attacked during the shooting of the film ‘Ready’, however, Salman somehow survived. For information, let us tell you that wherever Salman goes, these two armed guards will always be with him. Along with this, 2 guards will also be deployed at Salman Khan’s house i.e. Salman Khan will now be able to get regular protection from Mumbai Police.

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