Sanjeev Kumar had a strange death like his grandfather-father-brother, because of this he did not marry, you will be surprised to know the truth

New DelhiSanjeev Kumar made his mark in the presence of superstars like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and Shatrughan Sinha. He was such an actor of his era who never hesitated to play characters older than his age in films. He played the role of grandfather and sometimes father of his contemporaries, but could not even reach the age of 50 in real life.

Sanjeev Kumar once told an interesting but surprising reason for playing the role of an old man. According to media reports, Tabassum once asked him that why do you play the role of an old man despite being so young? On this Sanjeev had said, ‘I am never going to grow old, because like most of the men in my family, I will not live beyond the age of 50. So, I want to feel the old age on screen.

Sanjeev Kumar’s guess proved correct, because he died in 1985 due to a heart attack. Then his age was about 47 years. According to Hanif Zaveri, who wrote the book ‘An Actor’s Actor: The Authorized Biography of Sanjeev Kumar’, the actor’s grandfather Shivlal Jariwala, Jethalal Jariwala, brothers Kishore Jariwala and Nikul Jariwala died under the age of 50. Surprisingly, all of them died of heart attack.

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Sanjeev was broken by the death of younger brother
Sanjeev Kumar had a premonition that he would die soon, perhaps that’s why he remained a bachelor all his life, while many women interfered in his life. His name was associated with top actresses like Hema Malini, Sulakshana Pandit. He also proposed Hema Malini, but the actress rejected his proposal, which could be another reason for his bachelorhood. He was broken by the death of his younger brother Nikul and started fulfilling the responsibilities of his father without marriage. Actually, after the death of his brother, Sanjeev had taken up the responsibility of his son.

Sanjeev Kumar has played many memorable roles
Sanjeev’s real name was Harihar Jethalal Jariwala, people used to fondly call him Haribhai. He started his acting journey from IPTA. He was first seen as a hero in ‘Husn Aur Ishq’. It is said that he paid attention to the behavior of mental patients to get into his role in ‘Khilona’. He was awarded the National Award for ‘Dastak’ and ‘Koshish’. Who can forget his role of Thakur Baldev Singh in ‘Sholay’.

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