Sanjeev Kumar refused to do a romantic scene with Sarika, the reason was Hairatganj

New Delhi. Bollywood veteran late actor Sanjeev Kumar may not be among us today, but he still rules the hearts of the audience due to his merits and brilliant acting. Even today, when we talk about the past of Bollywood, Sanjeev Kumar’s name comes first. Please tell that Sanjeev had heart disease but he was a very sensitive person. The condition of his sensitivity was that whenever he talked about filming some romantic scenes in films as per the demand of the script, he thought it appropriate to deny it directly. Let’s know something special about this…

The story of Sanjeev Kumar doing romantic scenes is from ‘Katla’ released in the year 1986, which was a thriller film. The film had Sarika Thakur as the lead actress. The film is directed by R.K. Nair did. According to media reports, according to the script in the film, a romantic scene was to be shot. The scene was decided between Sanjeev Kumar and Sarika. Although Sanjeev flatly refused the director.

There was an age gap of 24 years between Sanjeev and Sarika.
If reports are to be believed, Sanjeev took this decision because of Sarika’s young age. Please tell that when Sanjeev-Sarika had an age gap of 24 years. He had said that Sarika is much younger than him. She is like his daughter. He has seen him grow up in front of him. In such a situation, his heart was not testifying to film a romantic scene with Sarika. However, after persuading the director, he decided to shoot the film on several conditions.

Please tell that ‘Katla’ was such a film, during the dubbing of which Sanjeev had said goodbye to the world forever. This film was the first film released after his death. He died of a heart attack on November 6, 1985.

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