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Shammi Kapoor Birth Anniversary: ​​Shammi, who looked cool on screen, was very sad in real life! love for Kashmir

Mumbai: Each star of the Kapoor family has a different specialty, everyone has a different style from each other. Shammi Kapoor, the famous actor of the 60s, who was considered the brand ambassador of Kashmir, was the most unique. Born on 21 October 1931. His real name was Shamsher Raj Kapoor. Shammi Kapoor’s acting style was that of a Mast Maula actor, who appeared on the screen as a carefree actor. This style of Shammi was liked by the audience. Shammi had a special attachment to the beautiful plains of Kashmir. It is said that even today many people of his generation will be found in Kashmir who tell that Shammi once lived on his shikara. In many of Shammi’s films, you will find yourself praising your actress by swinging on Dal Lake, snowy plains or houseboats. There came a time in the life of such a cool actor that he had forgotten to eat, drink and laugh. On the birth anniversary of Shammi, we tell the whole story of it.

Shammi’s first hit was Nasir Hussain’s film ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ in 1957. His dress up and style in this film was such that the youth started talking loudly. After this, Shammi’s film ‘Dil De Ke Dekho’ ‘Junglee’ made him a lover boy. In some films, his spoken dialogue ‘Yahoo’ went on the tongue of the people. The song ‘Che Koi Junglee Kehne’ from this film is still very much liked.

Shammi Kapoor was fascinated by the plaintiffs of Kashmir.

Shammi Kapoor was broken by the death of Geeta Bali
Shammi, who danced with Jhoom Jhoom, looked so cool on the screen, he was very sad in real life. During the shooting of Shammi’s film ‘Rangeen Raatein’, he met Geeta Bali. Shammi was in the lead role in this film and Geeta had a cameo. But in the first meeting, Shammi gave heart to Geeta. Love happened, agreed, then both of them got married soon. Shammi and Geeta had a son and a daughter. The married life of both was going very well, but in the middle of life, Geeta left the world leaving Shammi alone.


Shammi Kapoor used to live Bindass Zindagi.(Photo Credits: Film History Pics/twitter)

Shammi did second marriage but with conditions
The death of Geeta Bali shook Shammi Kapoor from within. Shammi did not care about food or family at that time. He had small children, seeing such condition of Shammi, the family members advised him to get married again. Shammi was not ready for the second marriage, but married Neela Devi for the sake of children. It is said that Shammi Kapoor got married to Neela Devi, but took a big promise from her. According to media reports, at the time of his marriage to Neela Devi, he took a promise that he would never become a mother and would consider both her and Geeta’s children as her children. Neela accepted the condition.

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Shammi Kapoor, who gave Bollywood great films like ‘Junglee’, ‘Professor’, ‘Bal Brahmachari’, ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’, ‘Teesri Manzil’, ‘Prince’, ‘An Evening in Paris’, left the world on 14 August 2011. .

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