Sharon Stone was shocked to see Shahrukh Khan sitting next to her, see fangirl moment of ‘Casino’ actress

Mumbai. Even though Shah Rukh Khan’s films in the past have not been able to do so much, but his fan following is still intact all over the world. Seeing Shahrukh, every fan jumps with joy. Not only common people but Hollywood stars also get attracted towards him. One such fan moment was seen in ‘Casino’ actress Sharon Stone. During the ongoing Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, Sharon was shocked when she came to know that Shah Rukh was sitting next to her.

Shahrukh Khan was honored for his contribution to cinema during the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia. Recently a video related to the festival has surfaced. In which anchors are seen getting all the celebs introduced during a programme. During this, darkness is visible at the venue and when she takes Shahrukh’s name, the light goes towards Shahrukh. Just at that moment, Hollywood star Sharon Stone realizes that she is sitting next to Shahrukh.

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