She used to love Dilip Kumar very much, time forced her to marry her brother-in-law

New Delhi- Bollywood’s Tragedy King Dilip Kumar (Dilip Kumar) used to be in headlines because of his personal life apart from his films. Although Dilip Kumar appeared in many love stories on the silver screen, but do you know that the real life love story of this tragedy king remained incomplete. Dilip Kumar had married Saira Banu, many years younger than him, but before that the heart of this actor had broken badly once. So let us tell you the heart touching story of Dilip Kumar’s first incomplete love today.

The first and incomplete love of Dilip Kumar we are talking about was none other than the famous actress Kamini Kaushal. Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal worked together in the 1948 film ‘Shaheed’. The first meeting of these two also took place on the set of this film, and gradually the closeness between the two started increasing.

Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal’s love blossomed during the shooting of the film. Both of them started loving each other wholeheartedly and the matter reached such an extent that they both wanted to tie the knot with each other. But there was a huge twist in this love story. Actually, actress Kamini Kaushal was already married.

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Had to marry without consent
If media reports are to be believed, this actress got married without her consent under pressure from her family. Kamini Kaushal had to marry her own brother-in-law. Actually, the sister of this actress died suddenly in an accident and she left behind her two children. Kamini’s sister’s children got their mother’s love, because of this the family members of the actress got her married to her sister’s husband only.


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The brothers of the actress threatened Dilip Kumar-
When the family members of the actress came to know about the relationship between Kamini Kaushal and Dilip Kumar, there was a storm in the life of this actress. According to media reports, Kamini’s brothers even threatened to kill Dilip Kumar. Coming under family pressure and worrying about Dilip Kumar’s life, this actress broke up with the tragedy king forever.

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