Shekhar Kapur told how he made ‘Mr India’? What is the secret of Amitabh Bachchan’s voice

Mumbai. Preparations were going on for the Muhurta of a Bollywood filmmaker Pramod Chakraborty’s film. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan was invited. Everyone was waiting for Amitji in the Muhurta party. Even after waiting for a long time, when Amitabh did not come, his audio was played and the film’s auspicious time happened. This incident gave the idea of ​​a film story to the writer duo Salim-Javed present in that party. Through Salim-Javed, this story reached filmmaker Shekhar Kapur…, and then the masterpiece that was made, we know today as ‘Mr. India’.

At the mention of this film, you suddenly remember ‘Arun Bhaiya’ i.e. Anil Kapoor, Sridevi for the song ‘Hawa Hawai…’ and Amrish Puri who said ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’. Puri) will be missed. Today is the birthday of Shekhar Kapur, who made this great film. Film ‘mr india‘ Shekhar himself told this story of the making of the film during an interview.

He told that, ‘When we made it, we wanted to confirm that the audience would be glued to the seats for two and a half hours. It was difficult to maintain that speed for such a long time. Even when the children were eating in the film, they were tapping on the table with spoons. This is a very tight livewire film. Everyone was super-energetic. It was a hyper film. When asked about his favorite character in the film, he said without hesitation, ‘Mogambo’. Actor seen in the role of Mogambo Amrish Puri Praising him, Shekhar said that the character was written for him.

Shekhar Kapur, who made films like ‘Masoom’, ‘Mr India’, ‘Bandit Queen’ and ‘Elizabeth’, has completed 47 years in the world of entertainment. Let us tell you that Shekhar made his acting debut in the year 1975 with the film ‘Jaan Hazir Ho’. after which Shekhar Kapur In the year 1978, along with Shabana Azmi and Utpal Dutt, he appeared in the film ‘Broken Toys’ and in the lead role. Shekhar’s acting in this film was well received by the audience.

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