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Shekhar Suman indulges in ‘roasting’ in the special episode of Bigg Boss, washing the contestants

Mumbai. Shekhar Suman will be seen roasting the contestants in his hilarious style in BIG ‘BOSS 16’ Children’s Day special episode BIG Bulletin with Shekhar Suman. Shekhar says that Bigg Boss house is like a school where the housemates are like students and Bigg Boss is their principal. He also takes a dig at Ankit Gupta, MC Stan, Sumbul Tauqeer and Shalin Bhanot, revealing the kind of student he is.

Roasted MC Steyn fiercely

Pointing to MC Stan, he says: I just rap in the beginning and talk sensibly later, so MC Stan, we both can’t be compared. Shekhar compares Ankit to a student who was told by the teacher to be quiet in class, then followed the same rule after the teacher changed.

Shekhar further said that Sumbul is that student who cries thinking that why did Shalin give me one flower less, what am I missing. He further says that Shalin wants to be friends with Tina Dutta but she is not showing any interest in him. Neither she is showing interest in Shalin nor compound interest.

Shekhar Suman told the contestants the cock

The hosts also jokingly say that if anyone notices, then the contestants of Bigg Boss are like chickens. They are grilled by Salman Khan, roasted by me and finally they eat each other during the fight. Later Shekhar shows the family members childhood pictures and asks them to identify the person based on their appearance.

This makes the contestants nostalgic, and they all enjoy their childhood memories. Apart from this, three children come inside Bigg Boss house and act like Priyanka, Ankit and Shalin. Bigg Boss 16 airs on Colors.

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