Sher hai tu… No crying at all – Veena Jagtap reacted to Shiv Thackeray’s tears in the confession room

Marathi Bigg Boss Season 2 winner Shiv Thackeray is currently seen in Hindi Bigg Boss Season 16 airing on Colors. Not only is he a strong contestant in the house, he also keeps the audience entertained. Although for some time he is being sidelined in the house. His screen time has been reduced. Now in the episode that came on December 4, when he cried in the confession room, his fans supported him fiercely on social media. Now his ex-girlfriend Veena Jagtap has also consoled the actor. By sharing Shiva’s picture on Instagram, he has also written a heart touching line.

Actually, Shiv Thakare and Veena Jagtap met in Marathi Bigg Boss 2. It was here that both of them fell in love. The actor also got his name tattooed on his hand. Although after coming out of the house, Veena also got tattooed, but later after the breakup, she got another tattoo in the name of Shiva and hid it. Although his name can still be seen in the hands of Shiva. So.

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Shiv Thackeray got emotional in the confession room

In the December 4 episode of Bigg Boss 16, Bigg Boss was talking to everyone by calling them in the confession room. Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, Archana Gautam and others went there and shared their deep-seated feelings. Shiv Thackeray’s number also came. He also went but he had already become emotional as he too was missing his home. During this, he also said that people think that he is strong, so he cannot even cry in front of his family members. Apart from this, he also says that if someone is his own, if he is a family member, then he can tell the things of his heart, this is missing.

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Shiv’s ex-girlfriend did a love-filled post

After watching this episode, Veena Jagtap shared a story on Instagram. In this, sharing the photo of Shiva’s confession room, wrote in Marathi – Sher hai tu .. Ek Jadu ki Jhappi. Don’t cry at all. I am always with you Now after this post of his, different kinds of questions started arising in the minds of the people. It was said that whether these two are still together or it has been done only as a friendship. Whatever happens now This post of Veena is winning the hearts of the fans. Some also asked in the comments that who is she after all, to which people replied that she is the runner up of Bigg Boss Marathi 2 and also Shiv’s ex-girlfriend.

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