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Sherlyn Chopra hit back at Rakhi Sawant, said – ‘He takes husband and boyfriend on hire’

Sherlyn Chopra on Rakhi SawantThe dispute between Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant is not taking its name to end. These days both are seen throwing mud at each other fiercely on social media. Recently, Rakhi gave a befitting reply to Sherlyn and said, ‘Sherlyn is doing drama. She is a porn star.. till now I was silent but now I will get a contract answer’. At the same time, Sherlyn has also retaliated on this attack of Rakhi. He said that, what Rakhi Sawant does, her job is to hire a new husband or boyfriend every year.

Rakhi changes husband every year

In fact, in a recent interview given to the media, Sherlyn once again expressed her opinion with impunity. Accusing Rakhi, he said, what does Rakhi Sawant do. She goes to luxury hotels and makes private invites and also gets them done. Apart from this, she makes subscription boyfriend and husband. Along with this, in a year, she makes these hired husbands and boyfriends poor by sucking that she leaves him and runs away. This is his reality.

Rakhi made fun of the actress

This dispute between the two started when the actress had said in a conversation with the media recently that the Mumbai Police is not giving her any support in recording the statement against the accused Sajid Khan in the #MeToo case. On which Rakhi made fun of the actress while talking to the paparazzi. He had said that no one will take the case because Sajid is not guilty. You are accusing others in front of the media by applying makeup of 4 kg, wearing a sari, are you not ashamed? Why don’t you drown in full water?’

While answering this, Sherlyn said, ‘If you have the courage, then stand in front of me and show it. What is Rakhi Sawant, she applies hair extensions to hide her baldness. Let us tell you that Sherlyn Chopra is angry about Sajid Khan going to Bigg Boss.

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