Shiv Thackeray really took off the fat and smile of Shaleen Bhanot, made water and water in front of the world

At this time, the contestant who has changed his color the most in the show is only Shaleen Bhanot and his changing move is always being watched by not only the audience but also the family members. Shaleen Bhanot is that player in ‘Bigg Boss’, for whom you can say that his here There is no such thing that they have not cheated, This was once again proved well in the presence of Salman Khan in Friday’s Vaar and milk became milk and water. In this episode, Salman Khan washes Sumbul Tauqeer and Ankit with his words, but Shiv Thackeray washes Shaleen off the surf with which he also removes their fat and smiles, which he had already threatened.

Shiva had said then – I take out the smile and also the fat.
Recently, there was a great war between Shiv and Shaleen inside the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Even at that time, Shiva had told Shaleen’s fake. In a mutual debate at that time, Shiva had said that no one can ever trust Shaleen because he is never real. Shiva had also told Shaleen – I will not only remove the fat, I also know how to remove it. He also showed the line that Shiva had spoken next in ‘Friday Ke Vaar’. Shiv had said then – I take out even the smile and the fat too and the same thing happened in last night’s episode of Friday.

Shaleen was called Rang Bandlu Chameleon by the family members
Regarding Shaleen, Salman Khan asked in the last episode that he is a color changing chameleon, how many members of the house think that this? To which most of the family members agreed and after that they got slapped in this game. However, Salman Khan gives Shaleen a chance to speak about what she thinks, why do people consider her a chameleon changing color? Shaleen has also put forward his side. He said- I say right to right and wrong to wrong and I do not do partiality. When I speak right to someone, then I am getting attached to them and those who speak wrong then they think that you were on our side till now and in this affair, friendship is at stake and right and wrong go away. .

Do you use Shaleen Sumbul?
After this Salman asked another question that does Shaleen use Sumbul according to his convenience? Although, most people said that it is not so now, but some members of the house believe that they do. Shaleen, showing her innocence, said to drink tea and cook chicken because she cooks well. Now Salman turns towards Shiva and asks why he thinks he uses Sumbul. Shiva not only replied to this but also removed the fat of Shaleen and smiled as well.

Shiva washes Shaleen fiercely in talks
In response to this question, Shiva said, ‘It was explained to Shaleen in last Weekend Ka Vaar that he is doing it a little differently like butter but he is doing it. Whenever they get time, they use it accordingly. They show them that I am with them, whatever they talk about, but they do not even stand by them completely and do not even fully adopt them, friendship or whatever. He keeps it in the middle so that there is benefit too. On this, Shaleen says, ‘I did not come here to take advantage of anyone, I know how to maintain friendship and play true friendship.’ Shiva says- Absolutely we have seen your true friendship, you are really great, great person.

‘When Tina comes, she shows that she is very caring’
Salman stopped him in the middle and said that we have seen him in the nomination. To this Shaleen defended himself and said that Sir his reason was that there was a favor and Shiva wanted me to do that, it is well recorded. Shaleen said that it was a favor in return, he asked and I really tried that Shiva should be saved. To this Shiv said, ‘The first thing that I did not ask for this from him, when I was standing there, nor sir… He is such a good actor, his expressions keep changing when he is acting. When Tina comes, he shows that he is very caring, starts running. We see the expressions and laugh that it is pretending. When he was sitting there too, he was showing that Shiva was strong and was laughing looking down. Presents himself so falsely that Shiva I tried for you brother. Then I have also said that everyone should get a friend like you brother that you have tried. He hit a line in the last – well Sumbul, I think so too. First asked to show me, I think he does the same to Tina with everyone. I was laughing a lot when I saw No Live.

Shaleen gave a lot of arguments on these things of Shiva, but has been defeated in front of the whole world.
On this Shaleen says – I am a very good actor and TV industry gives me a lot of money for acting, so thank you so much. Shiv says on this – but acting is not done in reality shows, you have not been given the script yet. Phil Shaleen says- You come to me for acting, I will teach you how to act. On this, Shiv tells them – I will not come for acting at all, just for reality shows, learn a little from me too. Shaleen gave a lot of arguments on these things of Shiva, but the audience came to know that Shiva really took off Shali’s fat and smile in front of the whole world.

Shiva had already warned but then the lions were becoming gracious
Shiv had told Shaleen in the last fight – its thought process does not know whether it is acting or real, no one can trust it. After this, Shaleen had shown arrogance and said that when you talk about removing fat, Shaleen will come. Then Shiva had said – I will not only remove the fat, I also know how to remove it. Shaleen had given a hull and said – come out and tell and then Shiva had said – let me take out the smile and also the fat.

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