Shock of father’s death, then financial crisis, why did Salman’s step mother divorce her 27 year old husband

New Delhi: When Helen, a veteran actress belonging to an Anglo-Indian family, used to appear on the screen, people were forced to chew their fingers under their teeth. Her amazing dancing talent seemed to overpower the lead actress as well. Helen used to have an item song in most of the films of her era. Today we are going to tell you some things related to his life in this report.

For some time, the best dancer Helen is away from the world of acting. She was last seen in the 2012 film ‘Heroine’. Was seen in an effective character. At one time, along with her dance and acting, Helen also made a lot of headlines regarding love affairs.

Item song of Helen means film hit
In those days, if Helen had an item number in a film, people would have guessed before its release that the film was going to be a hit. Everyone used to be crazy about his dancing talent. Even today, the discussion of dancing of the actress has not reduced. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, there was a lot of discussion about Helen’s dancing performance. In many films, she was seen overshadowing even the lead actress.

Helen belongs to Anglo Indian family. Helen’s father was a British soldier. Helen came to Mumbai after her father’s death. But this was a time when she was struggling with financial crisis. But before that Helen’s mother knew Kukku More in Kolkata. It was because of Cuckoo that Helen started getting work in films.

Ex-sister-in-law Malaika Arora was enraged at the mention of Salman Khan, said- Salman told me…

Luck had changed at the age of just 19
At a very young age, Helen got a chance to work in the film ‘Howrah Bridge’. Helen’s song ‘Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu’ was well liked in this film. After doing this song, the star of Helen’s life started shining. With this dancing song of hers, Helen had made the audience her admirer and had won a lot of accolades. According to media reports, it was only after this song that Helen was recognized as an item girl in Hindi cinema.

When married to 27 year old PN Chopra
After making a distinct identity in the film world, Helen married film director Prem Narayan Chopra, 27 years her senior, in the year 1957. At the beginning of her career, Helen again came into limelight after getting married at a very young age. But this marriage could not last long and after 16 years on the occasion of her 35th birthday, Helen’s marriage broke up.

This was the main reason for the divorce
According to the news, Helen had taken divorce from her husband Chopra because he used to spend Helen’s money like this. At that time Helen had established her roots in the industry. Her earnings were also considerable, which her husband used to spend, troubled by all these things, Helen made up her mind to separate from Chopra and got divorced.

Second marriage to Salman’s father Salim Khan
After this Helen met Salman’s father Salim Khan. Both came close during the film ‘Kabali Khan’ and Salim gave his heart to Helen. Then both of them got married in the year 1981. But at the time of this marriage, he had to face a lot of problems because Salim Khan’s family was not ready. But with the changing times everything started changing and today Salman and all his siblings consider Helen like a mother.

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