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‘Sholay’ fame Ramesh Sippy bluntly – good films were there even today, it is wrong to blame Bollywood

Directed by Ramesh Sippy, ‘Sholay’ is one of those blockbuster films of Bollywood, which are still discussed even after 47 years. Great story, great screenplay by Salim-Javed, dialogues, music by RD Burman, acting by Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar and more than that, Amjad Khan. In today’s era when it is being said that Bollywood does not have stories, good films are not being made, ‘Sholay’ is like a Shahkar. In an exclusive conversation with Navbharat Times Online, while Ramesh Sippy talked about the making of ‘Sholay’, on the one hand, those criticizing Hindi cinema were also put in the dock. He simply said that good films were made even then and are being made even today. Those films that get into the heart, they were made less then and still are so today. There are some people who want to blame cinema for everything, it is wrong.

Read more, from Ramesh Sippy to Navbharat Times Naresh Taneja Exclusive conversation as it is-

47 years have passed, ‘Sholay’s dialogues, those performances, that splendid song… Aisa Kya Jadoo Hai’ in the film that it never forgets?
– The answer to this question is very difficult. There were many things about Sholay. See, every time you make a film, everything doesn’t go as planned. When you’re working out, a lot of things seem like little. When we were making this film, there was complete confidence. But yes, did not even think that the film would become such that after 40 years, even after 50 years, it would remain on people’s tongue. But so many things, so many things come together in one film, it is very rare. Sholay was such a film… see now it doesn’t feel good to call it thi. So Sholay was a film that we made with Dil-O-Jaan, but at that time no one could say that this film would prove to be like this.

The film’s starcast, screenplay, shooting location, background score, everything is so great that even today a fan of cinema can count its merits on fingers. But from this the question arises that why such films are not being made today?
Thinking about every film in such a way that we compare it with Sholay is not a good thing. Some things just happen. Now at that time we had signed Danny Denzongpa for the role of Gabbar. Now he was so busy at that time that he could not take out time for our film. He kept meeting me and kept saying that there is a check lying with you, I have not cashed it, so this keeps happening. One day maybe we can work together even further.

Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Amjad Khan on the sets of film Sholay

The way there is ‘Sholay’ in Bollywood, the way ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ is, is there a famine of good films these days, especially because such things are happening continuously?
Look, it’s not like that. If so, then you do not remember only two films of that time. If we are saying this, then we and you must remember the names of 20 films of that time. but it’s not like that. Look, times change. People’s mood changes. Likes and dislikes change. We should think a little. Where has the status of women reached today? Although, we still have to do a lot for the empowerment of women, but you see how much has changed in the position of women in the society during that period and in today’s situation. So the meaning of saying this is that the stories will be different, will it not? See, if a film is made today on the values ​​of that time, then perhaps today’s audience will not even like it. Because over time the narrative has changed. The way of telling the story has also changed.

How many people were there… Amjad Khan was not going to speak this dialogue, I had to leave ‘Sholay’
… So can it be said that this negative which is becoming negative, is some lobby working behind it regarding Hindi cinema?
– No. No. off course not. Why would you Those who want to make a film from their heart, why would they do this? Even if there are only a few filmmakers. Now Sanjay Leela is Bhansali, he makes films from his heart. make with love. Makes good movies. Raju is Hirani, he has made five films and all five of the five are great. It cannot be said that today’s filmmakers do not make good films. As far as the lobby working against Bollywood is concerned, it is a matter of saying. Those who have to say that everything is going wrong today, they just want to blame the films. Cinema and media show what is happening in the society. So it would be wrong to say so.

Sippy sir, how satisfied are you with the way the market of South films has grown in Hindi, the way films are getting dubbed, pan India releases?
I haven’t seen many South films. But heard that there are funny stories. Yes, it is also heard that they make films on a set formula. I agree that there are some filmmakers who make films from their heart. While there are some filmmakers who make commercial films. They know their skills. There is nothing in this to say that someone is good or someone is bad.

ramesh sippy sholay set

Ramesh Sippy with Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra on the sets of Sholay

The way the world of OTT has emerged, do you believe that this has affected the business of films in theatre?
Look, this difference has come. Especially in the Corona epidemic when cinema halls were closed and people got an option. Technology has given this option that people have adopted it if you have entertainment sitting at home. Now his mind is on it. Older people in the family used to go to the cinema hall earlier, but now they are getting to watch movies at home. The younger generation, she will still go out and go to the theater with friends. But I personally believe that theater can never die. No matter how much time changes. Cinema will never end. People will go to see the film on the big screen. Yes, I would also like to say that there are only a few filmmakers who make good films. They make it from the heart and they will always do well.

Looking at OTT culture, do you think Bollywood should change itself or is Bollywood changing itself?
– I can only give my opinion on this. I believe then the platform has its own way. The content of each platform has its own grammar. If you are making a film for the cinema hall, then its story telling is different. If you are making it for OTT, then the story goes on for a long time, then there is a culture of web series. Now if something new has come, then the content creators will be affected by it. There’s no harm in that either. It is only right to change with time.

‘Sholay’ aunt Leela Mishra was married in 12 years, not only in the country, the tricolor was also hoisted in Cannes
Would you like to give some tips to Bollywood in today’s era?
I think every filmmaker, every actor is different in himself. To tell someone whether to do this or not to do this would be wrong. Because it will not lose their originality. Still, I must say that if you are coming to make a career in films, then first watch some old movies, take your notes from them, then use your brain, make good films with your skills.

Is Ramesh Sippy coming up with something new, working on an upcoming projector?
Our production company is continuously working on shows and films. My son is making shows for OTT. I am also thinking of something new, I want to keep my cards open. Hope we come up with something good.

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Right now the government has made you the head of the Media and Entertainment Skills Council, what are the benefits to the young generation going forward through this?
So far, the way MESC has been working, it has been good and will continue to do well. I have just attended a couple of meetings. We have signed an MoU. We are also going to start classes on different topics to provide training at the skill level in the future. Hopefully this will benefit the younger generation.



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