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Shraddha Nigam B’day: Karan Singh Grover broke Shraddha Nigam’s heart, then started a new life with Mayank


Shraddha Nigam is celebrating her birthday today.
Was earlier married to Karan Singh Grover.

Karan Singh Grover (Karan Singh Grover) and Bipasha Basu are preparing for their upcoming baby these days. Karan dated many girls before marrying Bipasha. Karan also dated TV actress Shraddha Nigam and married her, but their relationship did not work out. Today Shraddha Nigam is celebrating her birthday. Come, let’s talk about his love life and present life.

Shraddha Nigam was born on 1 October 1979. Shraddha started her film career in 1997 with Malayalam film. After this, Shraddha started her Hindi film career with the film ‘Josh’ in the year 2000. Shraddha did not get such a better response in the world of cinema. Shraddha entered the world of TV with the TV show ‘Chudiyan’. After this, Shraddha started focusing on her fashion line in 2010.

Closeness with Karan Singh increased
While working in the world of TV, Shraddha Nigam met Karan Singh Grover. Soon the two developed a close friendship and the two often started spending time together. Karan and Shraddha felt that they could spend life together. In such a situation, Karan and Shraddha surprised everyone by getting married in the year 2008. Karan And Shraddha’s married life went well for some time, but then there was a quarrel between them. Both of them started having trouble with each other. Shraddha and Karan separated in 2009.

Mayank came again in life
When Karan left Shraddha’s life, she became quite lonely. That period was very troublesome for Shraddha. In such a situation, Mayank Anand’s entry was made in Shraddha’s life. Mayank and Shraddha soon started liking each other. Shraddha felt that Mayank was perfect for her. Shraddha and Mayank married Mayank in 2012. Together they run an interior design house.

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