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Shri Kalika Temple of Dehradun, Akhand Jyot and Yagya Kund burning for decades, many beliefs are associated

Hina Azmi / Dehradun. The Kalika Mandir road of Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is named after the Shri Kalika Temple located here. On the occasion of Navratri, these days the temple is crowded with devotees. There are many beliefs related to this temple. According to the information received, 58 years ago on the instructions of Balayogi Maharaj, a small temple was built here, in which the eternal flame of Mother Bhagwati was lit on May 11, 1954, which is still burning today. The Yagya Kund of the temple is also burning continuously till date. Various public interest programs are also run by the temple committee from time to time.

The priest of Kalika temple, Harish Bhatia told that Balayogi Maharaj had a dream that he has to install the idol of Kali Maa in this temple, which is in Jaipur. He went to Jaipur and found that form of Kali Maa in the whole market, which he had seen in his dream. Then he did not get the same form of mother in the whole market. He further told that a small girl came and took Maharaj ji’s hand and took him outside a shop. After that she vanished. Maharaj went to the shop and he mentioned that form of Kali Maa to the shopkeeper, so he got that statue. After which he brought it here and honored his life. He informed that the Akhand Jyot is burning in the temple since 1954 and the Yagya Kund is burning for 48 years till now. The Akhand Jyot and Yagya Kund have not been allowed to be extinguished till date.

accident happened with husband
Kalika temple is a Siddhapeeth, to which many other beliefs are also associated. Rama Goyal told that there was an accident with her friend’s husband. There was no hope of survival. Her friend came to this temple for 40 consecutive days and lit a lamp and prayed for her husband’s health. Today her friend’s husband is completely healthy. Asha tells that for 8 years of marriage, her lap was deserted. She constantly came to the Kalika temple and started wishing for a child, so Kali Maa filled her empty lap.

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