Shriya Pilgaonkar on being Sachin-Supriya’s daughter: No one ever said ‘you got things easy’

When asked what advice or suggestions she gets from her parents, Shriya laughed and said, “There are no suggestions. Things don’t happen like this. To be honest, all I would say is that we end the conversation. With my father, I discuss diction with him a lot. For example in Mirzapur, the way I wanted Sweety to speak. I wanted Sweety to be North Indian. I am a Maharashtrian. That’s why it was necessary for me to do this. In Guilty Minds, Kashf Quez character, she comes from Delhi family. There is a little Urdu in the way she speaks. Especially because my father is known for it. Whatever language he speaks, he speaks very well. (Photo Credits: Instagram @shriya.pilgaonkar)


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