‘Sitaharan’ wrongly shown in ‘Adipurush’, claims Sita of Ramayana

Dipika Chikhlia on Adipurush: Kriti Sanon and Prabhas starrer most awaited film ‘Adipurush’ has been embroiled in controversies since its inception. Since the release of the trailer of the film for the first time, now when only a few days are left for the release of the film, questions are being raised on the scene and background of the film. Apart from this, the film is also facing many problems during its promotion. At the same time, Sita aka Deepika Chikhaliya of Ramayana has also targeted the makers regarding the scenes of the film.

‘Wrong interpretation of Sitaharan was shown’
Deepika Chikhaliya has spoken about some scenes not being cleared after the teaser of the film surfaced. He said, ‘The makers have not revealed much in the trailer. Kriti Sanon (Sita) comes out to give alms and lightning starts happening and Sita follows Ravana. Don’t know what is happening this wrong interpretation, can’t understand. I am not getting any clarity from the trailer. ,

‘The trailer is overloaded with VFX’
Deepika says that she is not understanding anything from the trailer. Although Deepika also said that the correct review can be given only after the release of the film. Talking about Adipurush, Deepika has also talked about the trailer being loaded with VFX. He says that due to over VFX, there is a lack of emotions, whereas there is a lot of emotion in stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Lack of emotions in the story?
Deepika said, ‘Whether it is Ramayana or Mahabharata, in such stories people always judge the characters on an emotional level. That’s why there is a need to pay full attention to emotion in it. Because if you don’t pay attention to the emotion then it will not work.

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