Son, I said I will give you work, then why did you take your life, video of Akanksha’s producer Yash Kumar

Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey committed suicide in a hotel in Banaras. The actress hanged herself in a room of Hotel Sarnath. Reportedly, Akanksha’s makeup boy found her hanging after calling her to the room. The actress was shooting for the new film ‘Nayak’ in Varanasi. This incident happened at around nine in the morning. Ever since Akanksha’s death, there has been hue and cry everywhere as to how this happened. There are only questions that what suddenly happened to Akanksha, due to which she had to do this out of desperation. Now a new twist has come in this matter.

Talking exclusively to ETimes, Yash Kumar, who gave him his first Bhojpuri film, said – I was the man who brought him into the industry. I cast Akanksha in my first film as a producer and it was also her first film in Bhojpuri cinema. While shooting for the last film with him, I didn’t see any such thing in his mind.

akanksha was not getting work

Yash Kumar has also shared a video and told that Akanksha (Akanksha Dubey) was also very upset. In the video, he is saying – just 2 months ago you had come to meet me on my film set. She said to me that I want work sir, I am very upset with the album industry and I am in a lot of trouble. Then son, I told you that I am not much but I will definitely give you work in 3 to 4 films. Now after 2 months what am I seeing this why you are not among us? What is the problem like this man..? I know you were very upset, but it is not good to get so upset that you end yourself, son. When we come on stage, we say that Bhojpuri industry is one but it is nothing like that.

My wife and I are crying – Yash Kumar

The actor further said- I was shooting for the film when I got this sad news and now, both my wife and I are crying along with the crew on the set. Yes, we all know that she was dating Samar Singh but I do not know the truth behind this incident. They were dating each other for many years or maybe even got married, I don’t know. Maybe something happened that’s why Samar’s phone is switched off. Samar and his entire team’s phone is switched off.

Akanksha Dubey Case: Akanksha Dubey’s mother made serious allegations, said- Samar Singh and his brother got the murder done

‘You did wrong by saying goodbye’

Kumar said- I just want to say that by saying goodbye to us like this, you did a very wrong thing, Akanksha. A few months ago, I called him to discuss a film. It is sad that he is not with us today. Akanksha Dubey and Yash Kumar have recently completed the shooting of ‘Mitti’. Raksha Gupta is also in a special role in the film. It is directed by Chandan Upadhyay and produced by Arvind Prasad and Prem Shankar.

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