Sonu Sood revealed, many stars are jealous of the praise they are getting for their good work!

Sonu Sood: Actor Sonu Sood has said that there are many people in the film industry who are better actors off camera than on-camera. He cited the example of people who call him to appreciate his hard work, offer his help, but bow down when he actually gives them the work.

Sonu earned widespread praise for his work during and after the initial wave of the Corona pandemic. They basically arranged for the migrant workers to be taken to their home towns, and then raised funds to provide medical and financial assistance for those in need.

He said that people’s love for his work and people’s worship of him, makes him unhappy. At the same time, Sonu told that some of his co-stars are jealous of it. He said in Hindi, “It often happens that when people come to me and praise my work, I find myself around my co-stars. I have noticed that they suddenly get uncomfortable, And try to avoid the conversation by changing the subject. Which is fine, but the encouragement goes a long way. If they say something nice they won’t lose their pride. They don’t need to shout it from the rooftops, but if they do it’s private Even if you do it normally, it goes a long way. No one does this.”

Giving a specific example of a co-star’s reaction, Sonu continued, “I can’t name names, but some people built a temple in my honor in the south. The director I was working with was watching a news story about it on his phone, and he showed it to me. Then a star came towards us and asked what we were watching, the director told him. That star looked in the phone and left after commenting about a house. The director was also surprised by his behavior but I was okay with it because I know I am doing the right thing.” However, he admitted that he feels strange when people do such grand work in his honour. Is.

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