Sonu Sood told such a thing related to his life, you will also be surprised to hear

Sonu Sood (Sonu Sood) believes that there are many people in the film industry who are better actors off camera. He told that many people from the industry call him to appreciate his hard work, offer him help, but when they actually give him work, he hesitates.

Sonu said on ‘The Ranveer Show’ podcast that he was told by a select few of these people that they can give only one hour for humanitarian work. Sonu had earned a lot of praise for his work during the initial wave of the epidemic. He had made arrangements to take the migrant laborers to their cities and villages and provided medical and financial assistance to those in need.

Sonu admitted that he finds it strange to be worshiped like a hero, but it also makes some co-actors jealous. He said, ‘It often happens that when people come to me and praise my work, I see that they suddenly become uncomfortable, try to avoid conversation by changing the subject. If they say something nice, their pride will not diminish. They don’t need to shout from the ceiling, but even if they do it in private, it goes a long way. No one does this.’

Sonu mentioned the strange behavior of a star
Sonu said, ‘I cannot take the name, but some people built a temple in my honor in the South. The director I was working with was watching a news story about it on his phone and he showed it to me. Just then, the star came up to him and asked what are we watching?’

Sonu Sood shared his experience
Sonu Sood further says, ‘When the director told him, the star looked somewhere far away and made some comment about someone’s house on the hill, then left from there. The director was also surprised, but I thought it was okay, because only then you realize that you are doing the right thing.

Sonu Sood still helps the needy
Sonu admitted that he feels strange when people do such things in his honor. The actor also spoke about ‘Soldier’, who is continuing his humanitarian efforts with him. This also includes the brands with which Sonu works. In this there are also those people whom he had helped in the past.



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