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Sridevi had asked Jhanvi Kapoor- You will be compared with my 300 films, will you be able to bear all this..?

Jhanvi Kapoor is getting praise for her new film ‘Good Luck Jerry’ these days. However, Sridevi, who was called her mother and the first female superstar of Hindi films, never wanted her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor to become an actress and again face all the same problems, which she is right. But seeing the mother, the daughter had decided her future and this is the reason why Jhanvi Cooper has become a part of 5 films so far. But it was not that easy for Jhanvi to choose this career and move forward in it. Jhanvi has told in her latest interview that after all it is very important for her to become an actress and be successful in it.

In this interview, Jhanvi told that her mother Sridevi never wanted her daughter to become an actress. Jhanvi told that her mother had told her, ‘Don’t get involved in all this. I worked so hard my whole life so that I can give a comfortable life to my children. So why do you want to put yourself in all this now?’ Then I (Jhanvi Kapoor) told my mother, ‘I love films, I will not be able to live without becoming an actor.’ Then Sridevi said that if you love films that much, then it is fine but always remember that you are very soft-hearted and all this will not be so easy.

According to Jhanvi Kapoor, her mother Sridevi wanted her daughter to become a doctor after studying. But Jhanvi was not fast enough to read, she could fulfill this wish of her mother. In such a situation, he made his career in films only. According to the report, Jhanvi had told in an interview that her attendance in the school was only 30 percent. (Photo courtesy Instagram @janhvikapoor)

In this interview given to ETimes, Jhanvi Kapoor told that Sridevi had explained to her that 300 of my films will be compared to your first film, are you ready for it. Then I told my mother that it will be difficult but if I do not become an actor, then the whole life will be sad.

Jhanvi Kapoor, who started her film career with the film ‘Dhadak’, has appeared in 5 films so far. Although Jhanvi’s only 2 films (Dhadak and Roohi) have been released in theaters so far, while three films (Gunjan Saxena, Ghost Stories and Good Luck Jerry) have been released on OTT. Sridevi was very excited about Jhanvi’s first film ‘Dhadak’ but before the release of this film, Sridevi had passed away.

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