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Stubble burning during Diwali may aggravate the problem, worsen the air quality: CSE

New Delhi: Center for Science and Environment (CSE) said on Thursday that this year Diwali is being celebrated at a time when it is not much colder than before but due to stubble burning in neighboring states of Delhi. air pollution problem may increase. Delhi-National Capital Region The air quality in (NCR) started deteriorating in October due to adverse meteorological factors such as low temperature and wind speed, which did not disperse the pollutants.

Emissions from firecrackers and stubble burning in neighboring states will further worsen the air quality. CSE said Diwali is already approaching this year, “which means that the warm weather and windy conditions will help in reducing the pollution that has become a part of Diwali night celebrations.”

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Compared to the last two years, the smoke from stubble burning has not affected the air quality in the region so far, and the rains in early October have kept the air relatively clean so far.

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