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Subhash Ghai told what Bollywood is troubled by today, social media is also a big reason

New Delhi: Subhash Ghai came in the public eye after directing the film ‘Kalicharan’. He also wrote the script of this film. The filmmaker told all the interesting things related to Bollywood and films during a conversation. He also talked about the poor condition of the Hindi film industry.

He told an interesting anecdote related to ‘Kalicharan’ in a conversation with ETimes. He says, ‘I wrote the script of ‘Kalicharan’ with dialogues, but when I got the offer to direct it, I asked for two more dialogue writers. A director becomes obsessed with the film. He needs some writers around him to keep him on the right track.

Subhash Ghai worked with almost all the big stars of his era. However, he also gave opportunities to new artists in his films. He says, ‘Tina Munim was new in the film ‘Karz’. Shatrughan Sinha was new in Kalicharan. Rishi was a star when I started with him in ‘Karz’. I asked him if he would come into the film as a star or as an actor? He told me that he wanted to hear the script. The moment it happened, he told me that he wanted to join the film as an actor.

He further says, ‘Even in ‘Vidhata’ there was no star. Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Rocky’ was not released even when I cast him for ‘Vidhata’. Dilip Kumar was hardly doing films in those days. I told Gulshan Rai that I don’t need two big stars, but Dilip sahab and Sanju.

Subhash Ghai called the casting wrong on the basis of Instagram followers
Subhash Ghai also talked about the actors of the social media era. He says, ‘Sometime back I did the film ’36 Farmhouse’. Actors started telling me about their number of followers. Social media gives great exposure, but you can’t judge someone’s personality and acting talent on the basis of their Instagram following. Those producers and directors who cast actors on the basis of Instagram followers are wrong.

Subhash Ghai told the reason for the success of South’s films
When he was asked whether films of South cinema are going on, but not of Bollywood, he said, ‘Those films seem to have been directed by the director. You can guess that the actor has given himself full blown in his role. Our industry is full of stars. I remember the day when I worked with Rajinikanth. I cannot forget his dedication towards his work, his faith in God and his respect. He blames the high fees of actors, English mindset, social media for the decline of Bollywood.

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