Sunil Shetty said on father’s struggle – He was a cleaner at the young age of 9, I am proud of him

Bollywood veteran actor Sunil Shetty remembered his father and his struggle in ‘Indian Idol 13’. He told that his father was a cleaner at the young age of 9 years. He is proud of his father. He also told that he loves his daughter Athiya Shetty immensely and lives only for her. You can watch the show every Saturday-Sunday at 8 PM on Sony TV.

Sunil Shetty’s love for daughter Athiya spills over

Deboshmita tells Sunil Shetty that her father loves her singing. Hearing this, the 61-year-old actor says, ‘I feel very happy to see your and father’s relationship, because Athiya and my relationship is like this. There is so much love and I live only for him.

Sunil’s father was a cleaner boy at the young age of 9

He further explains, ‘This relationship should always remain like this. Such was my relationship with my father. I am proud of my father, because at the age of 9 he was a cleaner boy. At such a young age, he used to go around the table and clean it, because his hand could not reach. I always remember that thing in everything. Whatever you are, you are because of your parents.

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Sunil was the action hero of Bollywood

Sunil Shetty was born on 11 August 1961 in Mangalore. He made his debut in Hindi films in 1992, when he was 31. The first film was ‘Balwaan’ with Divya Bharti. He had become the action hero of Bollywood.

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