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Sunny Leone Interview: Apart from love and relationship, Sunny Leone spoke on her experiences of becoming a mother

Since entering the industry with ‘Bigg Boss’, Sunny Leone has dazzled in Bollywood with films like ‘Jism 2’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’ and ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ as well as item numbers. These days he is in discussion about his show ‘Splitsvilla 8’. He has hosted the last 7 seasons of this show. Exclusive conversation with Sunny Leone

Has been hosting the Splitsvilla show for a long time
Sunny Leone is hosting the show Splitsvilla for a long time. On her responsibilities as a host, Sally Leone says, “From day one it is a great fun to watch the contestants come and stay together throughout their journey. It is amazing to watch his transformation and every time something or the other happens which becomes shocking and different for us too. Talking about the challenges of hosting, she says, “The hosts are only there to guide the contestants. We can only tell them what they should do, the rest is their take as to what decision they want to take. They have their own expressions, they have their preferences and that is why everyone in the show has an action and every action will have a reaction. Whether things are bad or good, it all depends on them. We can’t say anything about that. Watching him, watching his journey in itself develops an understanding for us, because there are so many new age people in the show, they make mistakes and learn.

Friendship is necessary between husband and wife

Talking about her relationship with her husband Daniel for the last 15 years, Sunny says, ‘I think the first and foremost thing in any relationship, especially between husband and wife, is friendship, because with friendship comes understanding and understanding. increases. You start understanding how to deal with things and things become easier as friends. We do not know what to see in life? Now if we talk about Kovid itself, at that time no one else was with us except our partner and family. In such a situation, if you do not have friendship with your partner, then the relationship can be complicated and I feel that if there is friendship between husband and wife, then you can deal with most of the things together. In a 15-year relationship with Daniel, I have grown.

There are battles to make sense of the relationship.
In love and relationship, minor squabbles happen between everyone. Sunny Leone also spoke openly about this. He said, ‘I think, when you are in a serious relationship, it is normal to have fights because you are choosing someone for life. In such a situation, developing common understanding in both is a challenge in itself, in which sometimes fighting is natural. It is necessary to have a tuning in a relationship and to create that tuning there is bound to be a fight, but how two people resolve or fix it matters a lot, because that attitude takes your relationship forward. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but how you handle them depends on you. If your love is true, your bond is good and they don’t cross the limits of the relationship, then anything can be fixed, because being with someone for 24 hours is not always nice and easy.’

Lockdown was tough for me like everyone else
Regarding his difficulties during Kovid, he said, ‘Kovid was such a phase, seeing which we were initially shocked, it was nice to be with the family for some time, but after a time things got difficult. Everything had come to a standstill and it is not that I should say that my time was worse or that someone was less bad than me. I think it was a very bad phase for everyone.

rannvijay is like my brother
Sharing her experiences with Rannvijay, the previous host of the show, Sunny says, ‘Working with Rannvijay was always a lot of fun. He is like a brother to me. Our relationship is like a family. Their kids, my kids, our partners all know each other very well. His absence from the show was not difficult, but I missed him during the show. Well, right now Rannvijay is not on the show but we are just a call away. We are there for each other whenever he or I need it.’ Talking about the new host of the show, Arjun Bijlani, he said, ‘Arjun is so funny and jovial that I didn’t miss Rannvijay. They know what they are doing, they know how to host a show. This was the reason due to which things become very easy during the show. Arjun is also a family man, I remember meeting his wife and son. Many times during the shoot his family comes, my family comes. So off set the whole atmosphere becomes family. Hosting is not a new thing for Arjun. He has hosted many big shows before so he knows how to do things. Overall it was a lot of fun working with Arjun.

Responsibilities of being a mother are very challenging in themselves.
Sunny tells about her experience of being a mother, ‘The joy of being a mother is of a different level, but with that comes responsibilities. Taking responsibility of a child, taking care of them is very challenging. My children are very good, they listen to what I say. Sometimes they are even a little scared of me, but a little fear is good for the children. The feeling of being a mother is very beautiful. There is a different kind of energy in this relationship. It is a very different and emotional feeling to see children from childhood and to see the changes in them as they grow up.’
Presentation- Tanu Shukla



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