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Surya Grahan 2022: What is the first thing to be eaten after the eclipse is over? Pandit Naveen Upadhyay is telling


Solar eclipse being an important astronomical event has religious significance.
It is forbidden to eat anything during the Sutak period and solar eclipse.

Surya Grahan 2022: The second and last solar eclipse of the year is over. A very important solar eclipse from astronomical point of view is considered to be of great importance. According to religious beliefs, the Sutak period starts 12 hours before the solar eclipse and food is prohibited during the Sutak period and the eclipse. According to astrology, during the eclipse period, some zodiac signs are auspicious and some have inauspicious effects. In such a situation, some measures are also told to avoid any kind of trouble. A big question also arises that after the eclipse is over, what should be the first thing to be consumed.
Many times this question comes to mind that what should be eaten first after the solar eclipse. If this thing comes in your mind too, then we are going to tell you what is the best thing to eat first after a solar eclipse. Pandit Naveen Upadhyay, a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, tells some important things about this.

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Best to eat sesame after solar eclipse
Regarding what we should eat after the solar eclipse is over, Pandit Naveen Upadhyay says that after the solar eclipse is over, first one should take a bath and after that red colored things like wheat, jaggery, copper etc. should be donated. After this, things made of sesame (such as sesame laddus, sesame mill etc.) should be offered to the Lord and they should be eaten first. It is best to eat sesame after solar eclipse.

solar eclipse 2022 time
The solar eclipse will start at 04:28 pm and will end at 05:30 pm. Depending on the location, its start and end times may vary slightly.

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Do not do this work during Sutak period
1. Sleeping in the Sutak period before the solar eclipse is considered completely taboo.
2. Even food should not be taken during Sutak period.
3. The doors of the temple remain closed during the Sutak period. At this time you should take care of your favorite.
4. Pregnant women should not use things like needle, scissors, knife during Sutak period.

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